Will Artificial Intelligence take our jobs? Part 1

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Ernest Gyedu
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Artificial Intelligence has been with us since the mid-20th century at a time when computer scientists decided that there could be a chance of creating machines that can perform basic human tasks that require intelligence is possible. John MacCarthy marvin minsky Nathaniel Rochester and Claude Shannon were those that coined the word artificial intelligence back in 1956.

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However, it wasn’t until 2010 that big data and the advancement of the various components of AI became relevant to the development of the concept.

In contemporary times the term “Artificial Intelligence” has been on everybody’s lips as it has helped individuals and corporations over complex tasks smoothly without any repercussions. You just cannot go a day without using any component of some form of intelligence which is machine built.

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It has made things easier for us and helped us in ways we never thought possible. But there exists a common fear among the working class that AI will take away our jobs. In this article, we will discuss why AI will not take your jobs for the time being.

New Job opportunities may arise

I do not really think AI will be an ultimately bad thing for the human race as it will create some job opportunities. Just as AI requires a lot more data input for the system to improve or to be upgraded there will be a need for AI companies to get more data Analysts and scientists. There will also be room for Human-machine interaction specialists because AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, there will be a need for experts who can design and develop systems that are intuitive and easy to use. Cybersecurity experts will also be in demand because of the need to protect sensitive data and information and eliminate any form of threat to protect sensitive data and systems.

Humans are still Operators of AI

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Although people think AI I going to be smarter than us humans it is worth noting that AI cannot necessarily operate in isolation. It will always need input to produce an output. It will always need the help of a human to be useful. So you see there is no need to actually worry it is still in its early days and has some limitations also.

AI has some limitations

Although AI became firm in the 20th century, it is well in its early stages. AI Platforms certainly lack the creative human touch and no emotional intelligence when it comes to giving answers. There is also some form of limited contextual awareness because it needs alot of specificity interms of inputing data and its overdependence on data which could serve as a nuance for example AI may be used to analyze patient data, but doctors will still be needed to make diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

AI is merely a tool and not a replacement.

I personally think business owners as well as their employees should see AI as a tool and not a replacement. you cannot send AI on errands. AI cannot clean your office space or organize your workplace, humans do that. These sorts of skills cannot be replaced by AI. AI cannot be a mason or involve itself in the physical aspects of construction. When it comes to chatGPT and other AI language models IT CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH. AI can only take you so far. we as humans will need to appreciate the capabilities and limitations of AI and come to the fact that it cannot just replace us.

Jobs will evolve and not disappear

Just as Traditional Marketers became Digital Marketers Phone Operators became Customer Service Representatives and typesetters became graphic designers there will be many more jobs that will evolve. AI will provide us with job categories that will give opportunities for humans to be well involved in the digital day and age.

To summarize, while AI may cause some job displacement, it is not a danger to all jobs. It will necessitate a change in the way we work and the skills we demand, but it also has the ability to provide new job possibilities and improve our capacities. There will be obstacles and uncertainties, as with any new technology, but by embracing AI and using it as a tool to better our talents, we can assure a brighter future for ourselves and the workforce as a whole.

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