BSc Development Planning: Beyond Expectations

By | April 16, 2024

Having a different expectation in life, being admitted into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Development planning was a nightmare. Though I chose it, I never dreamt of pursuing it. All I had ever wished for and had encouraged me is something I will now term a “childhood dream”.

On the day of arrival, I liked almost everything, my new room, friends, environment but not the program. With no other alternative, I knew I had to compromise. Lectures started and workshop began where we could draw till the next day, report writing with so many restrictions, presentation almost every week and as if all these were not enough, mostly there is a redo. I wondered how stressful the program might be.

Traveling on a path where many people repudiate was very discouraging. After lectures in the first week, I realized and took solace in the fact that not everyone could be a planner. It only takes good people with selfless hearts to be planners as the policies we make affect people. I began to work diligently to ensure the future is not jeopardized by the little mistakes I might make. If there is anything life has taught me it will be to appreciate what it gives.

Development Planning is one of the best programs with numerous opportunities. To those who made it their first choices well done, those who think it was a mistake, it never was, just strive till the end. As the saying goes there is always light at the end of the tunnel and to my dear applicants never leave it out of the programs you choose. Life is not always about what you get, it is how best you maximize what it gives. Sometimes expectations are nothing but limitations. To become successful is a personal decision and all it takes to get there is commitment, perseverance and determination.

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