Four Signs That Shows Your Start-Up Needs A Business Website

By | April 16, 2024

Getting a business website for your start-up is one of the best ways to help accelerate the growth and success of your business.

It is with a shock that even in these days of advancement in technology where businesses are moving online, most businesses operate without a website.

Are you thinking about whether your business is worth the time and money for building your business website? Then, here are a few signs for you.

Your business is in existence

Most people ask me, “Maxwell, do you think I need a website for my business?”. I hope you have been thinking about the same thing. If you think so then my answer is YES! YOU NEED A WEBSITE!!

How can I say yes without knowing what type of business you do? This is very simple. Any business on earth provides a solution which is either a product or service. No matter the product or service you sell, people would love to know more before contacting you directly.

Also, if you always think of selling physically without going online, then note that you would be kicked out of business very soon as the world is changing so quickly.

Have you ever thought of the number of customers you might miss a day as a result of not having a website or an online presence?

Customers keep asking if you have a website

Customers hope to see every company they do business with have a web presence. They would like to visit the website, read and know more before buying a product or service. People who even know about the business would like to visit your website to get your contact details or address. They would also like to know more about your working hours so they don’t get confused.

Your current or potential customers might end up seeing your competitors’ websites if they don’t find your business online. This can easily make you lose them completely.

There is no time for customers to be asking you plenty of questions about the entire services or product you sell, your mission, vision, goals etcetera. They want all in one-stop-shop which is your website. Showcase what you do with images, descriptions, videos, recent works, pricing, etc.

Most importantly, make sure you give them no reason to look up for a competitor.

3. You start thinking about online marketing for your business.

Most customers, especially those who are into online sales of products on Facebook mostly approaches us in our office that they need Social Media Marketing to help them get more customers. We do help but finally advice them to get an online website or store since that would help them build more trust and as a result, more sales.

Also, if you spend a little bit of time yourself learning about Social Media Marketing or getting more leads through online advertising, then that is the trick your competitors are using to snatch all of your customers. You can take over by getting a classic and fully responsive business website.

In our world today, well built and managed website goes a long way to provide returns on investment than just advertising on Facebook. Don’t spend all your money on Radio or TV ads without a business website. You might end up throwing all customers away.

4. You realize sales keep dropping.

Finally, your sales can drop drastically if you don’t take a step towards building a business website. Stop procrastinating and take a step in getting a website today. Maxibern Digital is one of the best web design company in Ghana which can help you. Maxibern Digital can make your business be found everywhere on the web and make you professional.

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