Legon VRS KNUST: 5 Reason Why Legon Is Quietly Different From KNUST

By | April 16, 2024

UG and KNUST may have some similarities except in these areas

As Ghana’s premier higher learning institution, University of Ghana is undoubtedly one of the best universities across the African continent.

Some may even suggest that its academic excellence and expansive worth of infrastructure makes it incomparable to any other university in the country.

However, students and alumni of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, its closest rival bet to to differ.

To them, they have shown on countless occasions their potential for ingeniousness through their many creative innovations that make them than UG.

The battle for greatness between both institutions and their historical rivalry is based on these unusual factors…

1. Kumasi Vs Accra

The Kumasi-Accra debate is an old one that traverses through many aspects of the Ghanaian culture and is very important in the rivalry of these two institutions.

Located in Accra, the University of Ghana can boast of its presence is Ghana’s capital and administrative centre.

Again, residents of Accra believe they are connoisseurs of the elite. KNUST situated in Kumasi can boast of similar qualities that the Premier University has. The argument begins where students of UG believe they are just better because they are in Accra.

2. Girls

Yes! Girls!

University of Ghana students do not boast of their superiority enough without the ‘girl’ factor.

It is a popular rumour that all the fine girls in Ghana are from the University of Ghana. For UG students that widely believed assertion wins the debate for them.

Legon girls be like………

The slay queens of Ghanaian female students league, Legon girls dress to kill, with exceptional confidence and self-pride.

3. Flashiness

Comparatively, it is not as expensive to live in Kumasi as it is to live in Accra.

For even the average conservative student, one would need to be financially sound to survive on Legon campus.

University of Ghana campus vs KNUST

Yet, most students managed to buy expensive clothing, cars and live very luxurious lifestyles.

Although, this happens across every other university campus in the nation, Legon seems to be in the lead of bourgeois lifestyle.

4. Hostels

Not only are Legon residential halls expensive, they are convenient and there 12 of them unlike any other university in Ghana.

African Union Hostel, Legon

KNUST halls of residence at the Kumasi campus are just six and can only accommodate only 40% of the student population and most times just in their first year.

However, at UG, there is room for every student who wants on-campus residence and can afford.

5. Infrastructure Aesthetics

KNUST has a very beautiful, well layered and aesthetically zoned campus

Whether their campus can match up to the supposedly world class architectural standard of UG is the subject of contention.

UG students flaunt their Balme Library, one of the biggest libraries in Africa, their hilly city of Commonwealth, and latest, an ultramodern university and teaching hospital.

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