List Of Best Gob3 Joints On KNUST Campus

By | April 16, 2024

When you talk of communities that are highly Patriotic and have strong preference and taste for locally manufactured products or services in Ghana, only one school comes to mind, “The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology”. Factually and evidently reported as the current best University of the Fourth Republic (Ghana), and top 12 on the continent, students, and staff of the University are championing the course of the country’s state of consumption independence and self-reliance.

While in some communities Gari, Beans, and Plantain + Oil are regarded as food for ‘dry pocketed’ people, indigents, or inhabitants of the low class, students of KNUST have a different perspective about this food altogether. The manner in which they embrace and love it will perplex you.

As a way of making it accessible and welcoming to all genders, people from all walks of life, students from different levels of class, different socioeconomic statuses, and religious and ethnic backgrounds, they have given it a lovely, innovative, and appetizing brand called “Gob3”.

Gob3 is food for everyone on the Tech campus; whether you’re rich or poor, fair or dark, intelligent or less intelligent, Ga or Ewe, Akan or Mole-Dagbani, from endowed or less endowed school, Gob3 serves as the mother of all food on campus, and it shows no discrimination.

Beans, Gari, Red Oil, and Plantain (Red Red) are the most talked about and consumed food by students on the Tech campus. From dusk to dawn, morning, afternoon, and evening, you could see students rush to almost every corner or joint they sell Gob3. Interestingly, people have been taking Gob3 as breakfast, lunch, and even supper. They can place three orders thinking that they are buying some for friends and loved ones, but in reality, they are stocking the rest for the remaining hours of the day.

At Gob3 joints, you could see ladies struggling to place their orders even ahead of the guys, but in the battle of Gob3, the survival of the fittest is the principle that applies most. Guys may snub ladies at Gob3 joints, thinking about their belly first, but just after getting their Gob3, you would see them chase after the ladies for their contact or try to start a conversation with them. Isn’t it hilarious?

Hold your breath and let’s quickly rush to some best Gob3 Joints on the KNUST campus. The good thing is that almost every hall on KNUST Campus has a Gob3 joint, but among these, some stand tall. As a fresher or continuing student, if you’ve not tasted Gob3 before, this is your time to do so because coming to Tech and not consuming Gob3 is like you’re not part of the school.

List of Top 5 Gob3 joints on KNUST Campus:

1. Adwoa Gob3 at Conti
2. Nana Ama Gob3 at Queens Hall
3. Repu Gob3
4. Indece Gob3
5. Katanga Gob3

However, the most talked-about Gob3 on campus is Queens Hall Gob3, and there’s no doubt about it. Queens Gob3 dey be K3k3.

There’s also one right after Engineering Gate, in front of Nana Adoma hostel, rush to that joint, and you will feel a real Gob3.

With GH¢6 or less, you can get your plate of Gob3 at any joint on the KNUST campus.

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