Video: What KNUST freshers need to know about staying off-campus

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Gaining admission into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, one of the prestigious universities in Ghana and the world at large is a great joy. But then at every stage in life, one is presented with various situations and certain choices must be made from the available options. Choices like these are likely to affect us in one way or the other, directly or indirectly. As such, one situation often faced by freshers is securing accommodation.

In the past few years, accommodation on and off campus has been stressful and tiresome for both freshers and continuing students. KNUST has been practicing the in-out-out-out system of accommodation for a long period of time now. With this method of practice, freshers are allocated to any of the six traditional halls; Africa, Queens, Republic, Continental, Independence, and University halls, which are all on campus, for their first year. After their first academic year, they are expected to seek accommodation off-campus.

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The whole point of freshers being accommodated on campus is to help them find their bearings and way around since they are in a new environment. But lately, due to the increase in the admission of students annually, the traditional halls have not been able to serve their full purpose, that is, to house all freshers.

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Being off-campus as a fresher, just like everything, has its pros and cons. On-campus residents get the opportunity of getting access to benefits such as accessibility to the school library, security, free WiFi, commuting to lectures with shuttles, and getting to choose from a variety of foods at a relatively cheaper price compared to those off-campus. Also, residents on campus get the chance to experience a more active social lifestyle. Living on campus enables individuals to interact with peers or age mates apart from it being in a classroom setting. Freshers who are off campus get to interact with continuing students more often than with peers of their own.

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Despite all these, off-campus has its own pros. Living off-campus gives a fresher whatever privacy he or she needs. Unlike hostels on campus, one gets to choose the number of roommates to have and does not get to share washrooms and kitchens with lots of students. This helps the student to have a personal space away from the crowd. Also, living off-campus helps one learn how to live independently more than one living on campus. With living off-campus, you get some sort of freedom, and you are faced with the responsibility of making certain life choices such as how to handle your personal space, how late you stay out and getting to pay your own utility bills.

Even though both living on campus and living off-campus have got their similarities, it is well noting that they also have several differences. Campus life in general is how you make it. It does not matter where you are based, whether, on campus or not, it is how you live it.

Source: | Christabel Adjei Mensah|

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