46.5% of Ghanaians won’t use Mobile Money if E-Levy is implemented – Survey


46.5% of Ghanaians surveyed by the by the Center for Economics Finance and Inequality Studies on the Electronic Transaction Levy, say, they will stop using Mobil Money, should the E-Levy be passed into law.

1.4% however said they will reduce their Mobile Money transactions should the levy be passed.

The report further said those who will continue to use mobile money fully if the current bill is passed make up of 10.7% of the Ghanaian population.

In terms of trust in the arms of government, 75.3% of Ghanaians pointed out that they do not trust the Executive, whilst 62.8% said they don’t believe in the legislature.

For those who do not trust the Judiciary, the number of respondents stood at 58.4%.

On the other hand, the number of Ghanaians who trust these institutions are 17.8% for the judiciary, 13.6% for the legislature and 10.3% for the executive.

The report relied on Google Online Forms as the key instruments for the data collection.

The snowball sampling technique was used, and it yielded a sample size was 2,810 respondents.


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