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UHAS SRC Vice President Stripped Off Title; Slapped With ¢1,250.00 Fine

In a shocking unfolding at the 3rd parliamentary sitting of the UHAS SRC Parliament on the 24th of March 2019, the SRC President, H.E. Derrick Asare, revealed that H. E. Isaac Nyande, with effect, is no longer the Vice SRC President of UHAS.
Mr. Nyande’s demotion as Vice President was a directive from the office of the Registrar, Dr. Cynthia Kpeglo. In a letter addressed to the SRC President, Nyande was accused of fraudulent acts by one Kezia Koomson, a level 200 Midwifery student.
Mr. Nyande was tasked to appear before the Disciplinary Committee for Junior Members of the University, chaired by Dr. Ama Edwin, on the 23rd of January, 2019, but failed to show up on the set date. He was served another invitation to appear before the committee on 12th March, 2019, but failed to turn up once again. The committee found this act as highly disrespectful to its authority and thus made recommendations to the Registrar which resulted in his subsequent removal from office.
In addition, the committee recommended that Mr. Nyande be rusticated for a semester and made to pay an amount of ¢1,250.00 owed Miss Koomson with 10% interest. The committee also recommended Miss Koomson reports the case to the police because of its fraudulent nature and entreated the SRC to employ its internal mechanism to deal with such issues when they happen.
The Registrar directed the SRC President to make the necessary arrangements to appoint Mr. Nyande’s replacement.
The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Nathaniel Vivor, in effect declared Mr. Nyande no longer a parliamentarian.
This event comes in a time where students are pushing for various positions in the SRC and Local NUGS therefore,  Campus Radio Ghana recommends that strict measures are put in place by the vetting committee to ensure no “angelic crooks” slide through to contest for any position.
By: Foli Christian

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