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UCC: Free Shuttle System Abolished

According to reports on  FillaHQ.com it indicates  that the free shuttle service which has been running for over three semesters now has been suspended.


The Free Shuttle Service was introduced by Mr. Tony Arthur in the first semester of the 2017/2018 academic year. After being piloted for that semester, the service gained huge approval from the student body because it brought a huge relief to students with respect to transport on campus. The service was continued by Mr. John Kpodo after a series of controversies including a series of heated exchanges between the SRC President and Management which climaxed with an anonymous group of students calling themselves “Concerned Students of UCC” threatening to embark on a massive demonstration.

This semester, continuing students have been keenly waiting for the Free Shuttle Service to commence only to be informed the SRC can no longer finance the project. This huge blow dealt to students has been attributed to the financial constraints on the SRC’s coffers which renders them unable to continue the service and the failure of the parliament to approve the fee schedule that catered for free shuttle services.

According to the SRC, a committee set up by the University Council to investigate means to provide affordable transport has made recommendations to run private buses on campus. The fares charged by these operators will be subsidized by the SRC and Management. The service will charge students 50 pesewas for short journeys (from Old Site to Science, Old Site to Valco, Valco to Old Site, SRCH to Science) and 1 cedi for long journeys(from SRCH to Old Site). Provisions have also been made for monthly services which cost 45 cedis and services which span the entire semester which cost 180 cedis. The SRC has further gone ahead to reveal further details of the arrangement will be provided during a General Assembly.

This development goes contrary to what the current SRC President,Zaki Abdul Hamid promised to do in his policies. He had promised to maintain the free shuttle services and even went ahead to make bold claims that he will increase the number of buses when voted into power to beef up the accessibility of the service and ease of transport burden for physically challenged students.


Source: FillaHQ.com

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