UCC SRC Presidential Aspirant (Decider) Welcomes Students Back To Campus


Students of the University of Cape Coast have resumed school on this day, July 3, 2021.

After two months of break which started from 30th April to 2nd July, 2021, the campus which was possessed by silence is alive again.

To this end, I , Yahaya Abdul-Karimu (DECIDER) an SRC presidential aspirant welcomes all students back to campus.

It’s a beautiful brand new semester, a new season and the beginning a new journey.

Learn not to get stuck in the past.
Let every downfall be a lesson, not a defeat.
Draft a resolution and go by it with determination and hard work.
Remember, hard work overshadows talent.
Practice makes man perfect they say, but remember that no one is perfect.
So start this semester with a clean heart and pick all the lessons the journey may give you.
It will definitely not make you a perfect person but it will shape you and guide you through all endeavors.

I further want to encourage my colleague students to register their courses for the Semester within the stipulated time given by the University.

Students who may find it difficult to do so due to any technicality should quickly contact the Directorate of Academic Affairs through the SRC to resolve the matter.

Kindly study hard and respond promptly to instructions from lecturers as this semester may be a short one.

Remember to adhere to the covid-19 protocols to contain the spread.

It’s good to be back to the campus of the University of Competitive choice.

Akwaaba to you all !!!