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#Election Tower: Two leading UCC SRC Presidential Aspirants merge ahead of polls

In the quest to lead the student’s front and ensure that the safety, security and welfare of students are improved upon in UCC, many students form teams which fight to stand tall among others to take the SRC Presidential Throne.

It was therefore not surprising to see many teams emerging to contest for the 2020/2021 UCC-SRC Presidential Election even before the current SRC President, Mr Abdul-Hamid Zaki began his work as the SRC President.

Information monitored by hypercitigh.com on FillaHQ platform has suggested two of the giant teams who are propelled to fight and lead the students’ front come next academic year have decided to merge and become one.

In a communiqué endorsed by Fareed Boateng, the team leader for TEAM REED aspiring for the SRC presidential position for the 2020/2021 academic year, Mr Fareed announces his merger with Team Gordon, who is also vying for the same position.

Part of the communiqué read “I wish to on behalf of Team Reed announce to the entire students body of the University of Cape Coast and all our support base that we have merged with Team GORDON for the position of the SRC President 2020.”

Fareed Boateng – Team REED

The communiqué further stated how the two teams sat to scrutinize their policies to reflect students’ interest before this decision was taken. “We have had extensive discussions and the prognosis that were proffered to tackle the various challenges in our students front by Team GORDON stood tall and superior like that of the pinnacle of Alabama Temple.” This gave more reasons to why the two teams should merge and become one.

Edward Gordon – Team GORDON

These two teams therefore call on their followers and sympathizers to accept this decision and rally behind the call for SPIRITED ADVOCACY.

Fareed thereby apologized to his supporters and the general public to accept him no matter how hurtful this decision might seem to them saying “I want to render an unqualified apology unreservedly to all who in one way or the other may feel disappointed for reposing confidence in me and the team. It is nothing if it does not benefit you and it will be an exercise in futility if it is not about you. I have thought deeply about you and I am convinced that this decision will benefit us all!”

In all these, Fillahq has realized that these two teams have come from the same fraternity, that is, Casford and wonders if this decision taken to prevent any form of division among the gentlemen?

We watch closely to what happens next as a similar story happened in the past with this same hall but lo and behold, the said teams in that story went to the polls with their separate teams. Will there be a second occurrence of such incident?

Will this have any impact in this race?
Would this be the decider?

Christopher Sam

Christopher Sam is a web designer, developer and has advanced knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Website Design, Emails Marketing, BULK SMS Messaging, Schema Markup and a certified Google Trainer. He is a creator and editor at Hypercitigh.com, an online digital platform focusing on Credible and Timely news and in Ghana.

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