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SRC Hostel Brouhaha: SRC Parliamentary Council to petition DOS over ‘misguided’ decision as residents fume with anger

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The KNUST SRC Parliamentary Council is set to petition the Dean of Students on Monday, June 15, 2020.

Following the directive of the President in his 10th address to the nation on Sunday, May 31, 2020, knust on Thursday, June 4, 2020, asked a category of its final year students to re-locate to campus to complete their respective program of study.

Though this came as good news for most finalists who were halfway through with the averaged 3-5 assignments on the e-learning platform for assessment, continuing students were of grim hope as to the next line of action in stock for them.

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A seemingly growing tension on plans in place to allow students to return to campus for their belongings misfired with an ineffective communique from the SRC Public Relations office and that of the Parliamentary council unsettled students when some media reports had it that students belongings were relocated to a common room.

It however unclear to residents of SRC hostel why prior notice was not given before they had their belongings relocated.

These events together with other matters of dire students’ interest have been captured in the SRC Parliamentary Council petition to the Dean of Students, understands.

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According to a classified source, the council is ‘disgusted’ by the manner hostel management has treated residents of SRC hostel and are wary this could instigate other halls or hostels on and off-campus to take a cue.

The council is also said to advocate that final years with limited resources participating in the online assessment are allowed to return to campus into their original hostel without any further cost to use school facilities.

The Hunvilla led Parliamentary council will demand of university authorities to formally come out with a coordinated plan that allows first to third years to equally come for their belongings.

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Source: | Knust

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