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MEGBORNA releases his much anticipated spoken word track, MOVE

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Drawing from the struggles and hustles of individuals to succeed in a very tough system, move acknowledges the struggles and efforts of all and calls out on everyone to move.

MOVE is a 4 minutes 32 seconds spoken word track that calls out on everybody to MOVE rather than stay at one place or stage in their growth and hustle . Whatever the situation just get up and move.

Spoken Word Artist Megborna

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MEGBORNA featured Phinix, Yhaa Amponsah and RK Maali. Think you’ve heard all the things there is to hear, well wait until you listen to MOVE. With the combination of spoken word, rap, trap and heavy instrumentation, If ever there’s a spoken word, to kick start your year with, then move with MOVE.
This is what the award wining spoken word artist has to say,

“I sometimes think I’m in a dream.
That I’ll wake up and it will all be gone.
Just like that,
one bad dream.
But after having walked down this path for about 4 years now, I’m wide awake.

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I know I have to make my way out of this.
Although I knew life wouldn’t be as rosy from a young age, I must say I underestimated the toughness.
As for the making it, I know I will,
It is just the when that I don’t know.

I wrote MOVE in the December of 2018,
To encourage myself that no one can get me out of this tough times other than myself.
After having listen to the struggles and seeing the hustles of many others,
I know MOVE is message every young hustler trying to make it must be listening to at the start of this year.

So MOVE is for everyone out there, young or old, trying time make it. This year, MOVE!!!”

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Click on the link below to get listening!


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