Video: Highlights on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu is a Bsc Development Planning degree holder, who is also the co-fonder of Hypercitigh media Generale. He has the drive necessary for every type of agency and institution. One thing about Ernest is he always likes to learn new things and improve on his talents.
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MPs in Uganda have passed an anti-homosexuality bill waiting for their President Yoweri Museveni to put his accent to it.

This will either make or break the relationships he has with countries in the Western world.

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Some international human rights bodies have also made known their concerns pertaining to the bill, saying it may endanger the lives of individuals who necessarily have not committed any crime.


According to a BBC reportage the final version has yet to be officially published but elements discussed in parliament include:

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A person who is convicted of grooming or trafficking children for purpose of engaging them in homosexual activities faces life in prison.

Individuals or institutions which support or fund LGBT rights activities or organizations, or publish, broadcast, and distribute pro-gay media material and literature, also face prosecution and imprisonment.

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Media groups, journalists, and publishers face prosecution and imprisonment for publishing, broadcasting, and distributing any content that advocates for gay rights or “promotes homosexuality”.

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Death penalty for what is described as “aggravated homosexuality”, that is sexual abuse of a child, a person with a disability, or vulnerable people, or in cases where a victim of homosexual assault is infected with a life-long illness.

Property owners also face the risk of being jailed if their premises are used as a “brothel” for homosexual acts or any other sexual minorities rights activities

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The court ruled that the legislation be revoked because it had been passed by parliament without the required quorum.

Same-sex relations are banned in about 30 African countries, where many people uphold conservative religious and social values.

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