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The best football betting sites

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The good game is the most popular sport among Ukrainian players, but which football betting sites are the best? Read on to find out! Soccer is watched and loved by millions (if not billions) of people around the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular sport on betting Betwinner Promo Code sites. With so many bookmakers offering different football betting features, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you, so we’ve done your work and ranked the best football betting sites using a wide range of different (but important) criteria.

Soccer betting tips and strategies

Here we want you to make the best soccer bets, that’s why we have a dedicated soccer statistics section on our website. Viewing stats is one of the most indispensable things any punter can do when learning how to bet on soccer online, as soccer betting stats provide completely objective, fact-based data. With our constantly updated statistics, punters can access all the influential football information they need on many of the most popular betting markets in major countries and leagues to help them place their bets.

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If you want to increase your soccer betting even further and beat the bookies, check out our list of the best soccer websites for stats and analysis!

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Place bets at different bookmakers

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By using different bookmakers, players can find the best possible odds, allowing their soccer bets to become the most profitable. Shopping at the best football betting sites also allows punters to see what exciting promotions and other features are on offer that can make a significant difference to the bet.

Try new betting markets

When deciding which bets you’re going to place at the best bookmakers, we also recommend testing out the different betting markets available to you, because who knows? You might just find something that is perfect for you. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular football betting markets, as well as those other exciting markets that, if you’re not an experienced bettor, you might not be familiar with yet, so you can explore all the different markets with confidence.

Watch sports events

Live betting tips

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The key to live betting is focus. This may seem obvious, but always focus on the event you have to watch. Look out for trends in players such as bad play, good play, or possibly fouls or injuries that may be hindering their play. All these can be factors that can affect the outcome of the event.

Remember that in-game betting is a game of speed. You will need to think quickly. To that end, why not prepare a few “what if” bets, just in case something quite possible happens? Obviously, only professional players have time to prepare for every outcome and incident, but a few betting plans for unforeseen circumstances will not go to waste. Of course, you don’t put money away for them until their moment comes, if it ever comes, but be prepared.

Of course, the key to preparation — and this also applies to pre-match betting — is to do your homework. Explore injuries and recent form, and explore when teams thrive at certain times of the match or which golfers are slow out of the blocks on day one. Finally, remember that leaders are leaders for a reason.

Bookmakers are not stupid and know how to offer the shortest prices on the best performers and those most likely to win. To that end, back the winners if they fall behind. If Michael van Gerwen loses the first set in a game of darts, he is likely to win, depending on his opponent for the rest of the game. The same theory, for example, applies to Rafe Nadal in the game of tennis, especially if he is playing on clay. So the odds on those low-cost favorites can change a bit, leaving you with some value to use.

Questions and answers

Other domestic leagues?

Apart from the aforementioned leagues, there is also the EFL Championship, EFL First League, EFL Second League, National League, Scottish Premier League, Dutch Eredivisie and Portuguese Primeira Liga, which offer several distinct football market lines for players.

European competitions?

Since the beginning of professional football, the biggest teams in Europe have always wanted to fight to decide who is the best on the continent. Now we have the Champions League, the pinnacle of any football fan’s (and football betting site’s) calendar. It has also become the biggest market for players looking to cash in on European football. And if that’s not all, it’s another football competition in Europe’s second tier that has become popular among players – the Europa League. They are also followed by the Super Cup and the Club World Cup, which may not be as huge in terms of competition, but are still great places to bet on. Also, don’t forget to keep a close eye on the recently announced Conference Europe League!

International national competitions?

As you would expect, the FIFA World Cup is by far the most popular soccer betting tournament, with billions of viewers around the world tuning in to each tournament. The European Championship and UEFA Nations League, as well as the Copa America and African Cup of Nations have also proved popular with punters on the UK’s top football sites, offering odds and plenty of exciting promotions for these seasonal competitions.

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