Ten Personality Traits That Will Draw A Campus Girl of Your Choice to you

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Campus life has a lot of interesting dynamics that make it a wonderful experience each day. Being in relationships and trying to get into one are part of such dynamics. The following are worth a lot to guys who would want to know what traits or qualities girls look for in guys.

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Intelligence: Believe it or not girls are attracted to guys who are intelligent both socially and emotionally. You do not necessarily have to be scoring A’s all the time but that is also a plus in certain situations. Girls appeal to guys who can read general and specific emotions in different social situations and act or communicate accordingly. Also, just because you do well in all your classes does not make you emotionally or socially intelligent. In fact, there are a lot of guys who are brilliant in their classes but find themselves on the wrong side of emotional intelligence making them social outcasts.

  1. The quality of being funny/ Having a sense of humor: Here, you do not need to be the best comedian around. You just need to be able to create relevant humor in different situations, especially ones that seem to create a depressing atmosphere. This is something that you will hear a lot as a guy; that girl like guys who can make them laugh. There is a lot more truth to that than you might choose to believe. This quality is a key success factor in long-term relationships.
  2. Confidence: Girls like guys who are bold, take control, and are not afraid of the consequences of the actions they take. This is in reference to both social and sexual activities. Girls are very much attracted to guys who feel very comfortable about who they are regardless of the social situation; they find it sexy
  3. Honesty: This is a really important trait because any relationship built on lies never lasts. No matter how many times you hear that girl like being lied to, it is never true. Nobody likes being lied to. Girls like guys who can stick to the truth regardless of the consequences. Notwithstanding, it can seem detrimental, but it helps minimize pain in any relationship.
  1. Being a good listener: Girls have a complex that makes them crave attention no matter how many times they deny it; it is innate. Girls are attracted to guys who listen to what they have to say and also empathize with them on certain topics. It creates the belief that there is someone who understands them and is ready to be there for them regardless.
  2. Having a fashion sense: It is important to look good as a guy, especially in the presence of ladies. Girls are attracted to guys who dress very well because it shows a lot of confidence. It is not just about how expensive your clothes are or what brands of clothes you were. It is mostly about how good you look in your choice of clothing and how neat, nice, and clean you look and smell.
  3. Being fit and having a good muscular build: A lot of girls like to identify with guys who are protective of them. They always like to feel secure and protected. Girls are very much attracted to guys who have a good muscular build. It is important to look fit, but it is advisable to hit the gym in order to stay fit and develop good form.
  4. Compassion: Girls are attracted to guys who care for people and about things around them. Guys who sympathize with others even if it does not concern them attract ladies because girls like to be cared about. When girls see guys like that, they also believe they would receive such compassion and care if they end up with someone like that.
  5. Kindness and respect: Women are attracted to guys who show them a lot of respect and treat them well. The notion that girls are like “bad boys” are misconstrued. Girls seem attracted to so-called “bad boys “not because they like to be treated badly, but because they just love their confidence; they just cannot hell it.
  6. Drive and Purpose: Girls are very attracted to guys who are goal-oriented and show a lot of promise in achieving greatness.
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It is important to know these as a guy and work on it but it is more important to know which one works for the kind of girl you like or want to end up with.

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By: Hypercitigh.com | Sebastian Otoo

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