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InVideo Review: The Smartest Video Editing Tool

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No doubt videos are ruling the scene these days. They are almost everywhere! Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, or any other social media platform for that matter.

Nevertheless, people on these platforms are not going for simple and plain clips. They want something really exclusive and informative at the same time. That’s the reason why marketing enthusiasts and business professionals are always on the lookout for the most creative ways of making videos.

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It does not matter whether you are a content creator, a meme page owner, a businessman, a vlogger, or just any ordinary individual; you need to use the right video editing tool. This will help you create stunning videos that will help you make friends easily, or if you are a business owner, it will offer good exposure to your products and services.

And this is where InVideo comes at your disposal. InVideo is the first-of-its-kind online video editor that is both powerful and convenient. It is one of the most convenient tools one can access online and completely free of cost. There is no download required for using this online editor, nor do you need to install any software. This is the beauty of the tool, and you must go for it.

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What Is InVideo?

As has already been said, InVideo is an online video editor one can access both on a mobile browser and a desktop. You need to upload raw footage to the editor and start editing videos online by going for its pre-configured templates.

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Additionally, it offers users all the regular and even some of the most exclusive editing tools available with the majority of the paid editing software packages. One of the best things about using this tool is it is incredibly easy for its users. You do not need to invest a lot of time in getting used to this tool.

Whether you are looking for portrait or landscape videos for your social media profiles, InVideo lets you create all of them in the easiest way possible and in the quickest way.

The super-intuitive interface of this tool and the tutorials available for beginners make it quite convenient for individuals to make the best of videos without spending huge bucks.

Different Types of Videos You Can Make Using InVideo

InVideo comes with some of the most mind-blowing templates that help users create almost any kind of visual matter they want. There are three preferences offered to the users in the starting stage of making a video. First, pre-made templates allow the users to access over 4000 pre-made shots while customizing them simultaneously as per their requirements.

The users can change the length of the templates, add text to the same and even change the music to make their videos more appealing and awesome.

Then there is the Text to Video option primarily used by news organizations to convert articles into top-quality videos. In this option, users can add some prominent points from their articles in text form for creating relevant videos.

There is Blank Canvas available as the third option, and it allows users to start the video-making procedure right from scratch. One of the best things about all the different options available with InVideo is that they help you in making square (1:1), vertical (9:16), and wide (16:9) videos.

Steps on Editing Videos Using InVideo

There are a plethora of steps you need to follow when using InVideo for editing videos online. Log in and choose any one of the three video-making options available to you as a user. For example, you are going for the Blank Canvas.

With this option, you get to work on the editor’s standard editing interface showcased by a certain preview window, timeline, and several resources and tools available on the left-hand side of the screen.

With timeline, you get the scope of shuffling the clips, trimming them, and playing them back. You can do almost everything that the regular video editing timelines allow their users to do.

Here, you will also find layers for voice-overs and music, which enable you to edit your videos easily. Regarding music, the video editor offers some of the best tracks that you can choose from without worrying about copyright issues.

You will find the preview windows that offer a clear sight of all the details added to your video right at the center. On the left-hand side, you will find all the editing tools. The Upload section of the tool is probably one of the most significant sections allowing users to import their shots into InVideo.

Based on the internet connection you are enjoying and the size of your video clips, the process might take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, once the videos are uploaded, they work most seamlessly like all the other video templates available from sites.

You have the option of dragging the clips along the timeline, trimming them, and adding text over them. You can even spruce them up a bit using stickers, overlays, graphics, and various other filters.

Then there’s the video section where you will find stock videos that you can use for creating your video, provided they suit your purpose. You will also find the Image section where you get stock photos to add to your shots.

The menu available in the Image section will help you add overlays, use animated text, create masks and collages, and do much more on the left-hand side of your screen. The only thing you need to do is double-click on the icons of your choice, and they will get added to your timeline. And yes, you can even edit them as per requirement.

The final step is Downloading the finished product and Sharing the same. You even get the collaboration feature with InVideo that allows users to work with their colleagues.

The Bottom Line

Exciting pricing and mind-blowing features make InVideo one of the smartest video editing tools that professional video editors and business marketers should try out. The use of this tool on a considerable basis will bring you huge returns on investment. And that’s for sure!

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