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How to Earn Money From WhatsApp in Ghana (2021)

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Christopher Sam
Christopher Sam is a web designer, developer and has advanced knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Website Design, Emails Marketing, BULK SMS Messaging, Schema Markup and a certified Google Trainer. He is a creator and editor at Hypercitigh.com, an online digital platform focusing on Credible and Timely news and in Ghana.
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How to make money from or with Whatsapp or Whatsapp status in Ghana (Africa ) in 2021. This is another controversial and at the same time broad confusing question. Almost 80% of Ghanaian youth spend 90% of their day on social media platforms Like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Whatsapp Ghana logo 2021

To Make money from Using WhatsApp there several simple steps, In that’s what I am going to help you and discuss about each brief so you get some understanding about it and how to go about it. These strategies can be adapted and will work for both genders ( Males and Females)Contents

By Sharing Referral Links Of Apps & Softwares:

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You might have seen this several times on your friends WhatsApp statuses all the time. This is by sharing links of maybe apps and software, You will be paid a commission when a friend signs up. With this there are no purchases required, all they want from you is to get people to signup to use their app or website.

There are lots of apps and software that still gives people the chance to make money from referring friends. Things like this happen because these people sometimes want relevancy or online presence. It’s like offers they stop when they see they have reached their target or goal. An example is when chipper cash came into existence at first and they wanted online relevancy.

These Apps and Softwares pay through money transaction mediums like Paypal and Payoneer. And those based in Ghana sometimes pay through Bank transfers and even Mtn mobile money.

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Example of these apps that pay you whiles you refer friends are;

1. Paxful

2. Dosh

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3. Swagbucks

4. Ibotta

5. Extrabux

Sell Other People Stuff:

 This is another simple way of making money using Whatsapp. Lot’s of people have over 500 contacts on Whatsapp, This is a medium in which you can sell stuff to these status viewers of yours. You can sell stuff that belongs to your friends or yourself. You just have to post these stuff on your WhatsApp status and add prices.

The interested ones will reply to your DM and ask you some questions about the product and you can make some sales at the end of the day. This strategy will work for those with lots of status viewers especially the ladies and it might work for the guys too. People like me it’s not going work for because I don’t give people my WhatsApp number and I don’t even upload status.

You can also do Affiliate Marketing:

In all the ways to make money online you can not do away with Affiliate Marketing, It’s the easiest and simple way to make money online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also an easy free way to make money online but will take a little bit of your time you been a beginner. But as time goes on you will become familiar and also become productive and make a double profit of the one you were making in the past days or months. 

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other peoples stuff and earning a commission as soon as someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. With this, you will be Posting Images and Videos on your status or even sharing it to your friends and then add your affiliate link through which they can purchase the item or product you shared.


1.Find tools To Work With : 

Been an affiliate you have to find tools like keyword researching tools.

2. Find a niche you want to promote:

 Thus, the stuff you want to promote either it been; Women dresses, Online Courses, Softwares, Games, Pets, Mattresses, Health, Cryptocurrency and many more.

3. Get into an affiliate website to get products that have high commissions, that’s converting and also have a high gravity:

What I mean here you have to promote stuff that other people are making money from. Stuff that lots of people will get interested in buying it as soon as they see it.

4.Get your affiliate links out there: 

By Posting on your Status or sharing it to your friends in their DM’s 

5.Make commissions: 

After you share these links you will surely make commissions as time goes on


Below are websites that accept affiliates, some are paid but most of them are free. You can get into the paid ones later if you earn from the free ones. All these websites you can just sign up as an affiliate for free and start making money by sharing and selling other people stuff online.

1.Rakuteen Linkshare (Free)                                       

2. Clickbank ( Free)

3. Paxful (Free)                                                             

4. Jvzoo ( Free)

5. Tradedoubler ( Free)                                                    

6.Warrior Plus + ( Free)

7.Ebay Affiliates( Free)                                                  

 8. StomerHost * (Free)

9.Amazon associates( Free)                                             

10. Maxbounty (Free)

11. CJ Affiliates (Free)                                                                     

12.Darkblue Affiliate Network

13.LeadHound  (Free)                                                                      

14. Quinstreet (Free)

15.Share a Sale (Free)                                                                        

16.Referback (Free)


1. Keyword Spying Tools :

 These are tools that will help you spy your competitors, If I say competitor I mean people you are in the same industry or niche with. You spy their moves and learn something from them too in other to keep up with the race.

2. Website:  ( This case you will be using WhatsApp so you decide whether to have a website or not)

 It is not compulsory to own a website to become an affiliate. But it will be good to have a website as an affiliate. Because lot’s of searches are done on google so you will just pop up and then boom you stuff making sales. 

3. Keyword Researching Tools : 

These tools will help you in your keyword planning when targetting keywords or writing content. You always have to target high demanding goods online that have low competitions. Some of these Keyword Planning tools are Moz, Sem Rush, Ahrefs, keyword planner io and many more ( most of these tools are Freemium thus, they have both free and paid version)

Credit: bronzereview.com

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