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Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Full list of Top Ghanaian Tech Blogs to follow in 2021

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Despite the technical odds Africa is faced with, the continent continues to adapt itself so well in the ever-changing technological world of intense competition. Although it’s not surprising that Asia, America, Europe continue to reign as the epicenters of 21st technology, the rate at which Africa, especially Ghana is advancing in its technological base is worth appreciative and commendable. 

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In Ghana, most people are skeptical to invest in tech blogging but in reality, that’s where the money lies. Even looking beyond money, it gives you the edge to become a great innovator, and a leader in the world of technology. There are a lot of technological problems, coupled with countless unresolved telecommunication issues that need urgent attention and solutions. Factually, the few telecommunication companies like MTN, Vodafone, Airteltigo, cannot bear that responsibility alone. That is why a few tech bloggers have taken the mantle upon themselves to lead, show and live the path of technology by providing up-to-date contents, reports, and comprehensive information on new smart gadgets, phones, mobile network shortcodes, tips and real-time updates on products and services from the telcos. 

Based on an extensive research and analysis, coupled with reports from a reliable source, Hypercitigh has come up with top Ghanaian tech blogs we must follow in 2021. We should note however that every information provided here is credible, reliable and authentic. Before selecting these blogs, we used four main competitive criteria, which are:

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– Alexa Rankings (Site’s Popularity/Traffic)

– Responsive design and general outlook of the website

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– Content (writing style and originality)

– User engagement on the website and social media.

Top 5 Tech websites in Ghana(2021)

Find below the top 5 Ghanaian tech blogs you must follow in 2021. Additionally, our article here highlights the top tech bloggers in Ghana for informative tech updates.


Mfidie has been ranked as the top 150th most visited website in Ghana, and regarded as the most visited tech blog in Ghana, according to Alexa ranking 2020. 

Its consistency in providing audiences with concrete solutions to real life Ghanaian technological problems is exceptional. As a leader in tech blogging, mfidie feeds its readers with real-time updates on products and services from the telcos, and mobile network shortcodes. 

One unique thing about mfidie is that it has an interactive section called the forum platform which allows the audience to share their problems and suggest possible solutions as well.

The site also has a page speed score of 81% and Yslow score of 82%. With a well responsive design (outlook), the site has an average loading speed of 8.9S (according to GT Metrix).


In Ghana, is ranked the 588th most visited website according to Alexa. However, GT Metrix report indicates that the website has an average reading speed of 7.6S, a Yslow score of 47% and a page score of 53%. 

Though this site cannot be compared to mfidie in terms of content (originality and writing style), its website design and outlook is exceptional, coupled with its combination of technology and lifestyle news coverage.


With its speciality in tech events and reviews of tech products, technovagh is also well known for its great responsive design and nice simple design.

Although ranked as the 5,169th most visited blog in Ghana (according to Alexa Rankings), the site has an impressive average speed of 4.1S, a Yslow score of 65% and a page speed score of 70% based on GT Metrix.


Ranked as the 6,061st most visited website in Ghana, provides readers with quality contents on tech tips, life hacks, and other interesting tech trends. 

Regarded as the simplest tech blog in Ghana so far, GT Metrix ranks the site with the following details:

– impressive page speed (5.6S)

Yslow score (51%),

– page speed score (59%).   


On Alexa, is ranked 10,118th most visited website in Ghana. 

Though quite a simple website, it can however boast of its beautiful design. According to GT Metrix, the site has an average speed of 3.7S, a Yslow score of 57% and a page speed score of 69%.


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