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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Team Elijah Hits Vetting Result With 90.43%: The Case Of Readiness To Serve UHAS SRC.

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My favorite philosophy: leadership and responsibilities are in extricable in all domains of  life. Leadership is not about title or a designation. Ultimately, Leadership is not about glorious  crowning acts. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.  

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TEAM ELIJAH extends his warmest appreciation to the Vetting Committee, Electoral  Commission, the Judicial Committee, the leadership and Members of Parliament of UHAS SRC,  alumni, the media not forgetting the elegant students of our University.  

It all started with a clear intention to serve absolutely the interest of the student populace. The  vision has always been to establish an SRC which aims to prioritize the needs of the students of  HOHOE and HO campus and find long lasting solutions to the problems.  

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Team Elijah preach the MANTRA “STUDENT-CENTERED LEADERSHIP” which seeks to  fulfil the subscription to our compassionate leadership philosophy which seeks to address the  concerns and challenges face by students in UHAS and also create an opportunity for all students  to fully develop and maximize their potentials. 

“In the status quo” TEAM ELIJAH remain the obvious choice for UHAS SRC.  TEAM ELIJAH may not have all the political machinery to deploy axes of propaganda.  

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TEAM ELIJAH may also not have the money to buy votes but one supreme belief is; the  students of UHAS would speak loud and clear to send a signal to all stakeholders of the new  voice of UHAS SRC that is coming to fight absolutely for the welfare of students, protect the  rights and sovereignty of the UHAS SRC Constitution.  

Wishing all other aspirants well, and hopes that we have a very successful election within the  scope of peace building and development before, during and after the SRC election.  

Team ELIJAH thanks you all as we forge ahead to make the right choice for the reward of  posterity.  




DATED: 13TH JULY 2021  


All Students of UHAS.  


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