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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Fights break out in SA parliament

Fights break out in South African parliament

Scuffles have broken out in South Africa's parliament between the radical opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and other opposition parties after lawmakers exchanged slurs...

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African court rules Gbagbo qualifies to seek Ivorian presidency

Former President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo has been declared worthy of seeking the Ivorian presidency. The African Court...

It’s Sad. Jack Ma Is No Longer China’s Richest Man!! See The Person Who Dethroned Him

Vaccine tycoon and founder of China’s largest bottled water company Nongfu Spring Zhong Shanshan’s net worth reached $58.7...

If A Dog Attacks You Don’t Run, Do Any Of These To Save Yourself

But sometimes, dogs also attack innocent people when a person is not familiar with them.

Don’t Ignore! These Blood Groups Shouldn’t Marry Each Other. It’s Dangerous

These days people marry because of love and other benefits or personal reasons without making any test about...

‘Very sorry’: Kim Jong Un apologises for killing of South Korean

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has apologised after the fatal shooting of a South Korean fisheries official by the military earlier...
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