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The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo

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The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo
There is nothing new under the sun that means there have always been stars on the Planet Earth and there will always be stars. And so when we talk about, the making of stars. That already suggest, recommend or propose that there is process, principle or procedure through which stars are emerged or developed. Throughout time past stars have been the directional implements, tools of the world we live
The making of a soap, there is a process through which soap is made or prepared for general public usage. So this means the word MAKE OR MAKING connotes a process, manner, procedure or method. That is stars are made, developed and not born naturally.
One may ask what is the definition of a star?
Then read more on The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo
And mostly specifically if you are a child of God, Christian, fellow of the lord Jesus Christ or believer in the holy faith, then you are a potential or a possibly a Star, someone may ask why?
The holy bible confirms that we are the light of the world and stars takes the lead wherever they are, whatever they are involved in.
This implies the believer, fellow of Jesus Christ or the Christians shows the world which way, pattern or direction to go or move in and dealing with their issues. Matthew 5:14-16 King James Version (KJV)

We are the salt of the world quote which adding, improving, enhancing or increasing the Value of Human existence.

Matthew 5:13-16King James Version (KJV)

Now Jesus Christ said we have capacity to do greater, higher, bigger and superior works or task than what he did or perform when on Earth, and HE is the bright and morning star. That means the least one can be is A STAR because the bright and morning star, whose STAR is shining brighter or perkier 2000 Years after than when HE was here on Earth. Says “the works that he did, we shall perform also and greater works than what he performed we shall do because I go my Father. And Jesus said as the father has sent me even so I sent you also. He (Jesus) Came up as the bright and morning star, that means for every one of us WHO IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT WE ARE POTENTIALLY STARS. It is clear that the ingredients of a star are inherit or accede to me and you also. So this means the making of star is like the making of a soup. Now, the ingredients are there. But you have to learn the skills, for combining or putting them together.
For example, there was some riff raffs, in the days of King David and can found in 1samuel 22:2-3
This means the stars in them came alive as they went through a training process in the school of King David. These riff raffs were area boys, and they suddenly emerged generals in the army. I mean they were very terrible people, one of them would dig his feet into the ground. That is there is no movement, these riff raffs were dangerously trained, they trained their way out of trash, they trained into their treasures, the stars in theme came to light and they knew what it was. And all this through a training process, say with me a training process.
And that’s why the STARS in many have never showed up and this is shown in 2tim 2:3-5 (The making of a star by Dr. Pastor David Oyedepo) because it takes training and HARD training
Let me say this here there is a star in YOU!
Except if  Gods word is not true, here is a star in YOU! But the making of that star is very demanding. Then someone might if it demanding, what is then the training platform?
In 2 peter 1:19-20 reads   We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
You take heed to this more sure word of prophecy, engage in the application of scriptures.
And as you do, the day star in your heart will rise and it says
Deutronomy 28:1-1
This means it is the engage of scriptures, that causes the day star in you to rise, say with Engagement, you it is not the confession, it is the profession, the profession of scriptures that causes the star in you to come forth. It is the application of truth to your journey in life that causes the star in you to rise.
This is very important, please listen to this, listen very carefully, how much of scriptures you engage as a way of life is what determines the determines the brightness of your future.
Deutronomy 28:1-12
. IF ONLY YOU WILL HEAKEN DILLIGENTLY UNTO MY VOICE. And this is what it takes for the star in you to rise. It is the training up in the application of scriptures, training yourself in the engagement of scriptures as way of life.

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