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Must Read for Growth: 99% Would Not Do

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Christopher Sam
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Must Read for  Growth: 99% Would Not Do
To humans, 80% success or prosperity in a given profession or field may be applauded, much admired, highly praised or commended. This illustrates why most academic organizations or institutions grade or award 80% and above as Mark of Excellence or Distinctions in both internal and External Examinations.
Based on human grading, one could have given King Saul a standing ovation for conquering the Amalekites and destroying all their possessions, sparing only the King Agag and some spoils meant for sacrifice to God Almighty, not for his personal consumption. But in God’s own rating, score or assessment, King Saul was disobedient because God’s express or prompt instruction was that he should “utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, Ox and sheep, camel and ass” (1 Samuel 15:3)
This act of partial disobedience greatly or massively displeased the Lord of host because his expectation from King SAUL was complete Disobedience.
Similarly, God demands complete or total obedience in your daily walk with Him.
He is perfectly holy, and demands perfect Holiness from you in all dealings on earth.
Don’t be deceived by the erroneous belief that provided your good deals outweigh your evil deeds, God will accept you. The truth is that anything devoid of complete or whole obedience falls short of Gods standard. And expectation from all Christians. For it reads in James 2:10-11
Dearly beloved know that holiness living for 99% Would Not Do.
God doesn’t lower his standard to suit humanity or human beings, neither does he set an arbitrary standard, but he has made provision that would enable us live a life of complete or whole obedience, agreement or submission to his perfect and holy name.
For one to attain whole or complete obedience unto the perfect lord, therefore, he must fully appreciate Gods provision through Jesus Christ vicarious death on the cross of Calvary.
God made full provision for the Christian life through Christ’s death to reconcile us to Himself. This implies that you must first be SAVED from his or her SINS by receiving Jesus Christ into his or her heart, and he will give you power to become his Child. And this account can be found at John 1:12
Secondly, one should depend on God Almighty for his or her daily victorious Christian life, knowing that you cannot please God with your own strength. To this effect Jesus declared that he cannot do without my existence.
Thirdly, Have faith in the lord Jesus. Pleasing God is never achieved by human effort or struggle but by FAITH in the lord Jesus Christ. Believe in the power of God to enable you live an upright life.
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