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Once in a compound house lived five families, of which Mr. And Mrs. Brako and their five children peacefully lived.
They were Christians and as such was very meticulous about speaking the truth and once. The other tenant seems to be the opposite, they every time opposed Mr. Brako and his family. Every month light bills were paid to Mr. Azuri, one of the tenants who always fought with Mr. Brako over common issues of honesty. At first, he told Mr. Brako to connive with him so they could make an illegal connection and steal fro the ECG. This issue came to Mr. Brako as an insult because all of his life, he has lived to learn that honesty is the best integrity an individual can ever harbor in his attitude.
Incidentally, Mr. Brako and Mr. Azuri seem to work in the same company with the same operative rang. At the job, it was easy to smuggle some of the products either for personal consumption or for sale. Mr. Azuri will never hesitate to steal from the company not thinking of the fact that he is a supervisor. He then went on the tell Mr. Brako that it will be very good if they came together and smuggle some products and make money out of it. “I will not indulge in such insidious act, after all, I get paid for what I worth and I can’t steal,” Mr. Brako responded.”Do you think you have character than those senior managers who have been stealing from the company?” Mr. Azuri continues to say, ” whatever they have, wherever they have reached is not this company’s petty salary but rather this small tips am trying to let you get some.
Mr. Brako still refused because of his instinct, he couldn’t have made the wealth of the cunning robbery steal his preserved integrity.
“This is my new car,” Mr. Azuri said, ” I think I have to buy an estate house closer to the mall.” Saying this to plunge Mr. Brako, ” we thank God for that,” Mr. Brako replied. It was unheard of because they were new workers and have not worked for even two years. Three years later, Mr. Azuri has bought mansions and luxurious cars, it wasn’t surprising to Mr. Brako because he knew what he was up to. “Why shouldn’t I report this man,” Mr. Brako told himself one morning. But he realized that everything takes time so he will leave nature and time to tell.
Just some few months later there was an open for the promotion of managers, Mr. Brako and Mr. Azuri both applied. Through the screening, the management of the company got to know that there have been some shortfalls in the accounts of some departments and so they decided to set an audit team to scrutinize every department’s account.
Mr. Azuri became stunned when he heard this news, but his shock wouldn’t change the decision of the management. On Monday morning the auditing started, the first department that was audited was the procurement department, Mr. Brako’s section. The report was that he has a clear account and that he has really done a good job. After the whole process, the audit team made it clear that some departments have been in a bad state of financing. Mr. Azuri’s department was no exception, there have been deficits all along. The management upon this news decided to fire every manager who was found guilty of theft for the company. After the judicial proceedings, it was judged that the managers have truly engaged in smuggling and stealing. They were sentenced and their properties ransacked for unlawful possession.
Mr. Brako then became the General Manager of the company. His integrity has brought him this far. Mr. Brako, in the evening, telling the story of his promotion to the family said, ” it pays to be honest.”

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