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In focus: A heart for God by bishop David oyedepoe

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In focus: A heart for God by bishop David oyedepoe
This God is real, this is a divine advice for us, you don’t know enough of God.
Maybe you know just little of him(God), be desperate to know God the more in all ways of life
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Apostle Paul said that I may know him, at what time? HABA
Apostle Paul with all your experiences, he says that I may know him, it is only those who don’t know God who claim to know
Those who truly know him, know they don’t know any much of God. They are always craving to know much of the lord.
Prophet Mossed prayed that I may know thee, HABA. In chapter 33 of exodus, what do you want to know mosses? What do you want to know again?
You have gone to the mountain and return; you have seen God write with his hand writing on the tablets and give it to you.
What do you want to know? He confided into Prophets Mosses the history of Creation.
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What do you want to again Prophet Mosses? He delivered into your hands the laws that rules the world today.
What do you want to know again? But he said that I may know you. That’s the cheapest way to keep scaling new heights or
potentials in life. Undying crave to know God the more and then just keep Growing in life.
Here what God says I eyes have seen
So the love of God is a fundamental requirement for changing levels, every anointed, dedicated and consecrated lover keeps changing levels because of his commitments of God to him
Every genuine lover of Christ is a pace setter, path finder and a trail blazer.
You need a heart for God to make real marks or leave history or remarkable legacy in this life.
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You need a heart for God, he is not a father Christmas. No he is not a largesse God, he is a loving father and he has his terms in relating with his children (Saints and not sinners).
You need a heart for God to make genuine marks in life
Do want to know of God
Additionally, know that to get heart for God, you have forsaken things that are not for Kings (Saints)
Proverbs 31:4-5 : It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink a word from king lemuel
Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.
Any how lifestyle, careless lifestyle is not for kings and it is not for kings to drink wine and s
Whether in the kingdom or in the world, you don’t see a careless girl or boy who grows up to be a responsible parent.
Enthronements is guided by rules and you don’t ever aces send a throne wishing to be there.  It is not for kings to dress with
wild beers. John Milton said a bright day shows from the morning. And twenty don’t play for twenty years, each one will be in
different class, you only classmates in school but not classmates in life.
First it begins with admit of your sins, confessing of sinful deeds and believing that the lord Jesus that he died to blot all your
sinful deeds and invite the lord into your heart for him to make you perfect to stand against the errors, challenges and problems
in this life.
I hope you will make this greatest decision to get eternal life at last.
Source: Inspired by Grace digital

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