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KNUST Debars Suspension of Campus Rides

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Management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has loosened the imposition of suspension of campus rides.
It has assured to debar the suspension completely if students continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols inside shuttles.

The new variant of the virus has brought fear to many Ghanaian and has especially affected schools in Ghana.

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On Thursday, 11th February 2021, the University Relations Officer(URO) Dr. Daniel Norris Bekoe in an interview with Focus FM’s Mercy Oppong shared some important information with regards to the suspension of shuttles on the KNUST campus.

He also gave a clarification on why there was a ban on campus rides.

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“If seats in the buses are full, at least 10 people are supposed to stand in the bus, but when the students came, they rather board the bus overload, and you will see that the middle of the car will be full”

“So if you tell them to get down and get the normal size, they won’t even mind you,” he added.

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As part of the measures to ensure that safety protocols are observed, Dr. Norris disclosed that there has been constant education on the safety protocols, and management of the institution has appointed and elected some student leaders as COVID-19 Ambassadors in the various halls of residence.

According to him, these ambassadors have been assigned the role of ‘championing’ the laid down policies and the COVID-19 protocols in the school as set by the University.

He went on to rectify that campus rides and shuttles were not shut down completely, but they had just put on hold some routes. Routes like Ahinsan Gate to campus, Kotei, Boadi, Gaza area to campus, College of Health and Allied Science to Boadi new site were exempted from the ban because of the distance from their places of residence to lecture halls.

However, the U.R.O stated that he is impressed with how the students are comporting themselves and the level at which they are adhering to the safety protocols.

“So far, i am impressed with the level of compliance. I have been watching and i don’t see students standing in the bus.”

He further urged students not to rush when getting on the bus, and that all students wear their face masks at all times to protect themselves and their friends from contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, some students did add their inputs on the situation at hand.

“i didn’t see or hear about that letter – the one indicating the suspension of shutttles- in particular. But personally, I try to follow the protocol because i want my own safety and the safety of those around me,” one student shared.

Another student also shared her experience on how the safety protocols were not practiced by students before the suspension.

“You see people rushing and people being crowded, pushing one another just to enter the bus, and most of the time, many people do not even get the chance to get in which i was a victim once. When some staff were assigned to monitor the adherence of the protocols, some students used to hide behind their peers in the bus so that they are not caught,” another shared.

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