He looked at the admission letter like how the blind man looks at the mirror, he didn’t know whether to thank God for gaining admission or to curse the gods for giving him a program he never imagined doing.

His mind told him to just do it, his heart told him otherwise and his brain was infused with confusion and couldn’t properly defuse the situation. Finally, he decided to give it a try, partly because he didn’t want to waste another year at home whilst his mates forge ahead of him…
But here is he now at the university, without any interest nor appetite for the program, only his dislike for it grew and so his frustration, and depression!

Dear friend who hates his program:The first thing I want you to know is that you’re not alone, more than 70% of University students in GH are not reading their dream program. There are countless number of stud’s in Pharmacy who dearly wanted Medicine, and of course, the medical school is not devoid of people whose heart are umbilically attached to Engineering. So one way or the other we’re all messed up by destiny or destination, faith or fate!

But to the incoming fresher, who hasn’t fallen into this shit yet: know that doing the program u like is worth more ur life than doing one to please ur parents, after all if ur parents dislike ur choice, their dislike would only be temporary, but ur frustration may last forever if u choose otherwise!

But don’t get frustrated just yet, this is what u need to know or do if ur program is nothing but a nightmare to you:

You’ve to understand that the path to success is not straight but oftentimes crooked; you sometimes have to do what u don’t like in order to do what u really like, and for u to be afforded that opportunity, u need to perform really well in that in which u didn’t like doing!

But how do u excel in a program u don’t have a taste for? by psyching yourself, it’s that simple!
A lot of first years perform abysmally in their first exams in the university, not because they’re not good enough but because they’ve locked their mind to their program. So one bold step to take, is to start developing interest and unlocking your mind in the best possible way you can, knowing that, the fact that you’re given that program means u have what it takes to bully it!

Moreover, one has to see the first decree just as it is: a stepping stone, and know that she/he can always divert to any field of his choice for his Masters. So obviously, nothing spoils just yet, you can always do your dream course, hurray!

See it as a challenge: so far as u breathe, life will throw u challenges u don’t like, but are u gonna fold your hands and just give up? No, you sure wouldn’t, because you were designed in a perfect way to defeat challenges…

And to the good news: no matter how much u hate ur program, u sure will like it in ur third or final year, trust me on that, because a lot of “haters” have confessed to its realism, so just bear the whale!

Destiny is a crazy web of complicated series, so endeavour to follow the footsteps of ur program patiently, and it shall surely land u on the treasures you’re meant to reap.

All the best as u make up ur mind to take a leap of faith, and make the best out of what u have at the moment!

And lastly remember: your SUCCESS is not dependant on the program u read, it’s in you, and the best program you could ever study is yourself!

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