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How to submit your NSS monthly evaluation form at the NSS secretariat

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National service personnel in the Subvented category are required monthly to submit the filled and signed monthly evaluation at the NSS office in your region

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Submitting the monthly evaluation is one of the means of getting your NSS Allowance paid by the Scheme Management. Failure to submit results in unpayments of Monthly allowance.

In the next line of paragraphs, we will outline the process to get your nss monthly evaluation form submitted at the NSS office in your region or district without stress.

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Time needed: 1 day, 1 hour and 20 minutes.

  1. Visit the NSS website on your browser (
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    The first step is to visit the NSS website and print the monthly evaluation form making sure that the Bar Code,  your upload photo, Date and Name appears on the form before printing. 

  2. A pop up box opens, login with your email and password

    Enter your user name and password and login. After some seconds, your dashboard will be opened

  3. You will then have access to the menu on your dashboard, click on ‘Your Allawa’

    A table like sheet titled monthly evaluation and monthly allawa will be opened After clicking on the YOUR ALLAWA tab from the Menu List

  4. On the sheet, you can access and track your monthly allowance, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the orange filled in box with the inscription (January Form).

    NB: The inscription in the box changes as the month changes

  5. Print out the form, and sign in blue ink only

    Get the evaluation form filled and signed by both Service Personnel and the Supervisor. The Evaluation form should be also Stamped by the supervisor of the place of where you were posted too.

  6. Get the form stamped and submitted before the deadline provided by the district NSS secretariat.

    At the NSS office,  make copies of the evaluation form and submit it to the officials . You will be given a notebook to write your name,  date,  telephone and signature.

    After performing all of the above mentioned processing,  you wait patiently for to inform you on payments of allowance.

NB: The Monthly evaluation is supposed to be submitted by personnel found in the Subventry category.

The Evaluation form cannot be submitted on behalf of a friend. 

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