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NSS ‘Allawa’ has been paid; simple steps to withdraw your cash

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Service personnel who have been paid will find this piece useful. If you haven’t don’t worry, it will eventually come.

Since the government banned the process of getting allowances from the counter (subverted agencies), it has become mandatory for every service personnel to have an e-zwich card which they will present during the registration process and when withdrawing the allowance.

The e-zwich smartcard allows the holder to carry out any financial transactions at any ATM or e-zwich point of sale. The e-zwich platform will then be used to pay national service allowances.

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Table of Contents

NSS allowance for September and October 2020

The National Service Secretariat has released funds to pay the September and October allowance. NSS Personnel are to follow the steps below to aid in withdrawing their paid allowance from their respective banks.

Find below the official statement:

NSS allowance amount

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National Service Service Personnel are now paid 559GHS. Personnel allowances for the National Service Scheme were increased in 2017 from Ghc350 to Ghc559.04, and have not been increased to date.

Steps to withdraw Paid NSS Monthly allowance Via E-zwich 

Service Personnel who have paid their allawa (reflected on their dashboard), can confidently walk into any bank of choice, savings loans company, or ezwich agent location with your e-zwich card.

First, ask if you could withdraw via e-zwich from the bank (not all banks engage in e-zwich transactions). Occasionally you will meet with ‘network issues’ usually at the first week of payment of the allawa.

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Ask the teller or whoever is in charge to load funds. That process will allow you to see the actual amount paid by the government.

Having loaded and seen your actual amount, you ask to withdraw any amount you prefer to.

When that is done, it’s a bingo.

Enjoy your allawa!

Source: hypercitigh.com

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