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How to Buy or place an order on NSS Marketplace

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The NSS Marketplace has been designed for ALL National service Personnel found within the Subvented category to purchase technological and other products online using the NSS Marketplace provided by the management of the National service scheme. The foregone initiative emanates from the “Life Starter Package,”.

The “Life Starter Package,” gives NSS personnel who wish to acquire any home appliance, including television sets, gas cookers, and tabletop fridges, and pay in installment over a 12-month period. initially, service persons were subscribing to the Life Starter Package via

Rationale behind NSS Life Starter Package

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According to information cited from the NSS website, the rationale for the partnership with some shops was a result of the growing concerns by some NSS persons over the lack of basic home appliances to make their stay at places where they had been posted comfortable.

In this article, we will provide you with practical steps on how to subscribe and order a product, on the NSS Marketplace platform.

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The NSS marketplace features products from some shops which supply home appliances to national service personnel at discounted prices. These shops include;

  • Hisense
  • Ashfoam Ghana
  • Syndicated Capital
  • Option Buy
  • Marine Ventures
  • SIMS Technologies
  • TCL Electronics Ghana
  •  Tonisac Enterprise
  • Appliance Expert
  • IKEMEG Royal company
  • Al-fayda Enterprise Store

How to order an item on the NSS Marketplace

The process of registration for the purchase of an item is fully paperlessly done online. The steps below can be performed using Smart Phone and Laptop.

How to check Your NSS Monthly allowance
  • On the NSS Dashboard, A Personal is to select the marketplace from the Menu List on the left-right side (Laptop users) and Upper right-hand side for Mobile users.
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  • On the Marketplace Page, Personnel can choose a store which they want to order a product or an item (with the monthly amount payable).
  • Once personnel has seen the desired product on a particular store on the NSS Marketplace, Personnel needs to add the to the cart

  • The Personnel can proceed to continue if he wants to add more items to his cart or proceed to check out if no more items will be added to the cart.
  • Personnel is to click on the view order history on the sub-menu under MARKET PLACE to review the cart
  • Personnel can remove items from his cart only when status remains submitted (After status is changed to ‘processed’ item can not be removed from cart) by going to order history and clicking on the close button ‘x’ by the item to remove an order.

Personnel are to note the following after ordering a Product on the NSS Marketplace

  • As Personnel adds an item to his/her cart, the system automatically gives the order total. This means personnel may not be able to make orders that will exceed the limit of his monthly deduction (that is 40% of his allowance)
  • A flat fee of GH₵ 50 per person would apply for logistics and administration. This is payable at the point of receiving the ordered goods
  • Personnel will receive You do have not enough funds remaining to order this item from your monthly Allawa limits when don’t not enough funds to used to purchase that item. Our article gives comprehensive insight on How to Check Your NSS Monthly allowance.

How to use NSS Allowance to buy items from Hisense or any NSS partnered shops

“NSS persons at post could walk into any Hisense shop in Ghana and show proof that they are service persons, make a request and pay for outright purchase depending on the items or sign onto a 12-month payment by instalment,”

Buy these Products below on Hire Purchase from Syndicated Capital

Aside from using the NSS Marketplace, Personnel can apply for the products below on hire purchase from Syndicated Capital.

  1. 22 inch Quality Rechargeable Fan: Works for Up to 8-hours without Electricity, has LED Bright Lights, a USB to charge Phones and Remote Control.
  2. Quality 32 inch Digital Satellite LED TV with Soundbar & Satellite Dish
  3. Silent Night 12 inch Double Size Pillow Top Orthopedic Mattress with 2 Plush Pillows
  4. Quality Satellite Digital & Internet Decoder with Satellite Dish

Personnel who wish to purchase from Syndicated Capital can fill their NSS hire purchase from here.

How to track Your Order on NSS Marketplace

NSS Personnel can track their purchased items when its has been marked for processing or on payment pending notice. A Personnel can check his order details by clicking on the Order History tab on the Menu.

This takes A Personnel page that gives a comprehensive history on an ordered from a particular. Personnel can also call the store for further explanations in case their is a delay in the delivering of Ordered items.

Stores on NSS Marketplace Contact Details

The contact details of the abovementioned stores featured on the NSS Marketplace are below. NSS Personnel can also reach out to these stores for information concerning their Hire Purchase Plan for Service Personnel.

SYL SONA VENTURES Store Contact Details


ASHFOAM GHANA Store – Contact Details



+233559420142 or +233204554169

syndicated capital @ nss marketplace

Phone: 0302242532 WhatsApp: 0501520451

Al-fayda Enterprise Store Contact Details


SIMS TECHNOLOGIES Store – Contact Details

0209386970 & 0249989951 & 0265961919







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