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How to go about Your NSS E-Zwich Card registration

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E zwich Smart Card is required by the national service scheme for Monthly payment allowance of NSS personnel.

The foregone means, No Monthly allowance is paid over the counter. For this reason, every prospective NSS Personnel must be able to present an E zwich card during the Regional NSS registration process to be able to receive monthly.

Steps How to go about Your NSS E-Zwich registration

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 In this article, we will guide through on how to go about National Service Scheme E zwich registration without stress. find out here to replace your NSS E-Zwich card, in case you have misplaced yours.

  • Prospective National Service Personnel should visit their financial Instituition. Example bank.
  • Request for e-zwich Card from your Financial Institution
  • You will be required to provide A valid Voter ID for account registration.
  • You will be registered and will have a e-zwich assigned to your name for transaction purposes.

How to add E-Zwich Card Details on NSS Dashboard

  • Login into the NSS Dashboard via the URL Below

  • Enter your username and password to get access to the NSS Portal. In case you have forgotten your password, check out our article here on how to reset your NSS Password without stress.
  • On the NSS Portal, scroll down and you will see E-ZWICH INFO
  • Click on Add E-ZWICH Details
  • Enter your E-ZWICH ID Number [Normally located at the bank of the CARD.
  • You have successfully added your E-Zwich card.
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NB: E-Zwich cards are used to withdraw your Monthly allowances during National service.


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