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NSMQ2018: Islamic SHS uses Akatsi and Kumasi SHS for ‘salah’

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On the day of Eid, viewers were in anticipation to see if the celebration may be bitter in the mouths of Islamic Senior High students.
If you were one of those, your hopes only survived three rounds.
After trailing Kumasi Senior High and Tech for the greater part of the game, Abdullah Zaidan Mohammed and Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman, who contested for Islamic SHS, pulled a thriller to wrestle the 1/8 spot from their Kumasi-based counterparts.
Now that they don’t have to worry about an empty stomach all day, Islamic SHS may just be too much of a dose for whichever schools they face during the next stage of the competition.
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If there’s anything they took home for today, it’s to keep pushing even if all hope seems lost.
For Kumasi SHTS they will curse all the chances they missed across the 248km back home unless somehow, 29 points will be enough to squeeze them through as a high-scoring losing team.
For Akatsi SHTS they may rejoice in the fact that, they made it this far.
”UGBS: End of contest:
Islamic SHS: 36 pts
Kumasi SHTS: 29 pts
Akatsi SHTS: 24 pts

Islamic SHS uses Akatsi and Kumasi SHS for ‘salah’

UGBS: End of round 4:
Islamic SHS: 33 pts
Kumasi SHTS: 26 pts
Akatsi SHTS: 24 pts
UGBS: End of Round 3:
Kumasi Sec. Tech: 25 pts
Islamic SHS: 20 pts
Akatsi SHTS: 14 pts
UGBS: End of round 2:
Kumasi SHTS: 24 pts
Islamic SHS: 15 pts
Islamic SHS uses Akatsi and Kumasi SHS for ‘salah’

Akatsi SHTS: 13 pts
UGBS: End of round 1:
Kumasi SHTS: 15 pts
Islamic SHS: 12 pts
Akatsi SHTS: 09 pts
Source: Ghanaweb

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