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SRC Properties and Facilities Commissioner urges student to desist contacting and contracting third parties on issues of SRC Hostel accommodation

“We would urge students to desist contacting and contracting ‘third parties’ on issues of SRC hostel accommodation; the SRC, through the Properties and Facilities Commission, is ready to help clarify and assist you on issues of SRC hostel accommodation.”
Emmanuel Arkaifie (SRC Properties and Facilities Commissioner)
In this moment, when we live in a community of limited access to accommodation on campus, we understand that most students yearn to have accommodation on campus, hence the SRC hostel facility. Some people also seize that as an ‘opportunity’ and use this unbridled advantage to defraud and exploit students who are hungry for SRC accommodation exorbitantly. Some even end up not getting the rooms and their money back. This has been very worrying a problem to past and present SRCs of KNUST. We humbly urge all students to eschew dealing with any person who positions him or herself as able to get him or her an accommodation in the SRC hostel.
Students should directly contact the SRC Properties and Facilities Commissioner, Emmanuel Arkaifie on 024 168 7725/ 050 165 8295  and the SRC Deputy P.R.O, Andrew Anokye Kyeremateng on 0556024164 for needed clarifications and information.
Christopher Sam

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