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Download: Leadership Club opens up for official membership, all you need to know


The leadership club today has made its membership form available to the general public specifically tertiary institutions across the country to formally register with the club.
Leadership Club is a non-partisan union that seeks to bring together leaders from every institution as well as aspiring leaders on a single platform to help raise, imbibe, mentor and transform through effective support programmes.
The club believes in the youth and the generation yet to come as such instituted university chapters to harness these talents from the onset; with the right attitude, right character, right motivation and right energy to make needful impact.
Below are the vision, mission and objectives of The Leadership Club:
To become one of the best institutions in the country and to contribute effectively and meaningfully to the leadership goals and values through raising of patriotic leaders and supporting leadership aspirations for the betterment of Ghana and other worlds
To raise leaders and support leadership aspirations.

  1. To organise leadership seminars and workshops for members.
  2. To help discover and execute leadership aspirations of members.
  3. To produce virtual leaders from the club for governments of countries, Universities, organisations, religious denominations and renowned relatives.
  4. To provide leadership aids to the leadership effectiveness of governments of countries, Universities, organisations, religious denominations and renowned relatives.
  5. To help discover and execute leadership aspirations of the less privileged.
  6. To support the United Nations in its policy implementations excluding advocacies for LGBTI+ rights.
  7. To create a dialogue among political leaders, academicians, company/industry executives and directors, religious leaders, and university student leaders.
  8. To ensure cooperation and harmonious relationship between villages, towns, cities, States, countries and continents.
  9. To escape uncivilized interests.
  10. To ensure effective communities, countries and intercontinental solidarity.
  11. To establish a firm root of godly ethicism.

THE LEADERSHIP CLUB: …raising leaders and supporting leadership aspirations…
 Motto: Virtue, the essence of leadership
For more information and queries contact, 0557192429
Download the form below to proceed with registration
However please note that registration fee is ¢2.00 and membership code for
registered members is ¢3.00. Membership code serves as entry for programs and seminars.
Filled forms are to be sent to [email protected]
NB: A member may register only, but will not get access to activities of the club without the membership code paid for and acquired
Click here to download the Forms 
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