HomenewsVideo: Wendy Shay abruptly ends interview for being asked “who is Wendy...

Video: Wendy Shay abruptly ends interview for being asked “who is Wendy Shay”

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What started as a normal interview with Rufftown records signee, Wendy Shay ended under frosty circumstances when JoyNews host MzGee posed the question “who is Wendy Shay”.
The “Uber Driver” was unhappy when the “Gee Spot” host posed the question, “Who is Wendy Shay?”.

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The question by MzGee was a follow up to Wendy Shay’s call that “Ghanaians should accept her for who Wendy Shay is” during the interview.

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Wendy has been in the news lately for the news that she was caught sleeping with her manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet.

She released “The Boy is Mine” subsequent to the news, a song that sought to address rumours.
When MzGee asked Wendy If she was concerned about the issue, she said “it was all about [media] hype. We’re gone so let’s move forward,” with some gloom on her face.

Hell, however, broke loose when MzGee asked her about who she was as she opted for the interview to end.
“Can we cut the interview. This is a dumb question. I don’t wanna do the interview anymore,” Wendy said.
Watch featured the video above for what transpired.

Credit:  Adomonline.com

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