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Use Easter to reflect on how to keep Ghana clean – Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has urged Ghanaians to use Easter to reflect on how to keep Ghana clean.

He said the perennial floods that the capital face can be avoided if Ghanaians stop building on waterways and indiscriminate dumping of refuse in gutters.
“We have in the past few weeks lost several lives due to floods. Floods are sometimes not avoidable but most of the flood disasters we experience are created by the indiscriminate and widespread construction of structures on waterways, which is then exacerbated by the reckless dumping of refuse by individuals.” He said.
In a Facebook post, Mr. Rawlings added that “Many of us operate above the law by constructing buildings and walls on waterways, blocking the easy flow of water during rains. We feel above the law because we are able to corrupt and manipulate city and town planning authorities or feel empowered by our association with political authority.”
The former president noted that Ghanaians have repeatedly refuse to do the right thing by dumping refuse at officially designated dumps.
He said the citizenry dump bags of rubbish in gutters, drains and on the shoulders of our roads under the cover of darkness.
He therefore asked Ghanaians to use the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ this Easter to reflect on all the ways they can contribute to keeping the country clean.
“We cannot associate our habits with the sacrifice Christ endured for us if we fail to sacrifice for our environment, for our own health and for our own safety.” He said.
He further asked Ghanaians to develop the spirit of sacrifice, and instead of taking from the country all the time, they should learn to give back to the country.
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