Home news UG: Mensah Sarbah Hall residents call for face-lift of annexes

UG: Mensah Sarbah Hall residents call for face-lift of annexes

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Students of the University of Ghana, residing at the Mensah Sarbah Hall, are calling on authorities to begin processes that will improve the physical appearance of the hall’s annexes.

These students are unhappy, saying that the current state of the hall is not befitting for tertiary students.

Some of the students who spoke to UniversNews claimed that the building has not been painted in a long time.

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“Management of the hall should stop this attitude. I am a level 400 student in Annex A. Since I came to this school, I have not seen this building being painted. Just look at the stature of the building, I think management is being unfair to us,” one student told UniversNews.

Another resident, who gave his name only as Ashong, questioned why the hall did not see any renovation even after students were away for several months last year.

“The annexes have been in a bad state especially with our washrooms. Look at how the painting has faded over the years. I was thinking that using the Covid break, we could come back and see that these places are painted but we came to meet the place as horrible as we left it. Management owes us some explanations,” he said

The UniversNews team took a quick tour around the annexes and there were very visible stains on the buildings.

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The situation, however, was quite different from what exists with the main Mensah Sarbah hall.


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