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UDS Students Donates Items and Undisclosed amount of money to natives of Dungu and Nyohini

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Giving hope Foundation a non-governmental organisation, which comprise of a group of students from University for Development Studies has made donation to some aged in the Dungu and Nyohini community, to help them as covid19 has brought difficulty to the world and the less privilege has been the one suffering the most.

The foundation call – out students who would be going home to donate their left overs and things not in use again, the call-out of students in UDS various hostels and other benevolent sources was successful that the team gathered items such as clothes, soaps, toiletries and food stuff for the donation exercise.

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The donation was done to help the wellbeing and ease the difficulty in this challenging time of the less privilege in Dungu and Nyohini community, the impact of covid 19 especially on the less privilege is unimaginable, the foundation deems it necessary to extend a helping hand to ease the difficulty though not all of them but the little the foundation could do was to help a few.

The executive director of the foundation after the presentation express excitement as the foundation has been able to put a smile on the faces of these people today and extend his regards to anyone who contributed both in kindness or cash to this course.

They are also appealing to individuals and cooperate entities to help them register their little organisation so as to enable them perform better, the foundation would be making similar donation to some selected orphanage as part of their contribution to society.

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To support this course please reach out to them on +233 24 546 7898 / 0556503032 / +233 54 934 8068


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