HomenewsUDS SRC: Wake Up Call To UDS Central Executives

UDS SRC: Wake Up Call To UDS Central Executives

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Christopher Sam
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_We’re in a century now where leaders no longer have its followers at heart._
_A century where questioning the authorities’ issues of accountabilities is regarded as disrespect ._
_A century where leaders see themselves as demigods._
_A century where leaders think of how to fill their own stomachs during their reign…_
These and many more are seen in our current CENTRAL SRC leadership.
Welcome to UDS-NAVRONGO campus where her leaders’ pleasure only come from signing WhatsApp circulars,
a campus where the SRC thinks of only freshers’ welcoming and SRC week celebrations. Well, maybe ,that is where they get loose monies to enjoy.
Welcome to UDS-Navrongo campus where leaders only source of happiness is wearing SRC shirts with their positions boldly written on it instead of their happiness coming from serving students.
I really want to commend the leadership of Tamale campus for the “24 hour library initiative.” This is a sign that you have your students at heart unlike Navrongo campus.
To His Excellency Kofi Abotsi, you’re reminded that you’re the central PRESIDENT. Your actions and inactions affect UDS as a whole.
I urge you to start thinking of the interest of students and UDS as a whole. You were not made central PRESIDENT to be signing on WhatsApp circulars. You were made so you could represent students.
Your fundamentals are too weak, maybe!
We see in TLC where they enjoy “24 hour library service” during examination. What about Navrongo, a central campus? We should even do better! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here just because the fundamentals are weak here.
Maybe you have not been told that student leadership is not about roaming and saying; “By grace, by grace.” God doesn’t work that way. We should be frank to tell you this.
Get your central executive committee, executive council, General Assembly on board and start thinking about students not yourselves alone(executive committee).
Central SRC, please wake up from your deep sleep and get to work. Students expect a lot from you.
By Kumbeni.
Central Student.
Citizen not Spectator.

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