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Top 8 cricket players

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Cricket is a game that has existed for several centuries with initial origins going back to the 1700s. The game has evolved a lot in the last 50 years with numerous rules and format being brought into the game to make it more exciting and compelling for fans across the globe. Its growth was so great that it reached Sports betting platforms like Betway. Rather than focus on pure power, the game has been able to bring in technology and technique to make it a finesse sport where one can easily clear the ropes with the right tools. Even before technology became prevalent in the sport, a number of players were demonstrating their superiority way ahead of their time. The greatest players to have graced the sport would be:

Sir Donald Bradman

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Sir Donald Bradman can easily be regarded as one of the finest sportsmen produced by Australia. His game was played from the late 1920s to the late 1940s. During this period, he picked up almost 7000 runs at an average of 99.94. Unlike many of the modern cricketers, Bradman did not have any experience of playing in the one-day international matches.

Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar is widely perceived to be the ‘God of cricket’ – especially in India. He has been able to achieve some incredible statistics like scoring 30,000+ runs in the international game. This includes 15,000+ runs in the test matches and 18,000+ runs in the ODIs. Best known for his batting, Tendulkar was a part-time bowler who had a reasonable success with 200 wickets in his name. Today, Tendulkar is more than just a name in India, as he has a huge influence on all sportspersons from the subcontinent.

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Sir Garfield Sobers

Sobers is a West Indies all-rounder who was able to set benchmarks with regard to batting, bowling, or fielding. After initially being inducted to the West Indies team as a bowler, Sobers displayed his batting progress with an average of 57+ in the test matches, which helped him get 8000+ runs. He also managed a remarkable 235 wickets, while contributing to 100+ catches. As a result of his ability to perform in every segment, Sobers ranks as one of the greatest all-rounders. If he was still playing, he would be able to dominate India vs West Indies T20 matches.

Sir Ian Botham

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Just like Sobers, Botham is also one of the finest all-rounders that the game has produced. The Englishman has been able to feature in first class, test, and ODI matches to pick up more than 20,000 runs. His batting average may not be the best at around 30+, but his impact on England matches were immense. Botham was able to contribute with the ball as well. He has picked up many five wickets hauls and some 10 wicket hauls in his career, which has also produced several hundred catches.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is widely perceived as one of the greatest cricketers produced by Pakistan. An all-rounder by trade, Khan was able to demonstrate phenomenal bowling skills while he was also able to captain the Pakistani team to glory on many occasions. He may have averaged just over 30 runs in test and ODI matches, but they have been accompanied by more than 350 test wickets and 180 ODI wickets. These bowling figures were responsible for helping Pakistan on numerous occasions.

Sir Vivian Richards

Sir Vivian Richards is an incredibly successful cricketer from the West Indies. Known for his batting, he was nicknamed as the ‘Master Blaster’ due to his incredible strike rate and batting average. He ended his test and ODI careers with more than 14,000 runs at an average of almost 50 combined, he would be a highlight at Betway. These are exceptional figures and Vivian Richards was able to come close to hitting triple centuries in tests and double centuries in ODIs.

Shane Warne

There are very few cricketers who have been able to trouble the opposition on a consistent basis like Shane Warne. Even now, Warne remains as the benchmark for spin bowling – precisely leg spins. The Australian was never a prolific player with the bat, but he ended up with more than 1000 wickets in test and ODI matches to become one of the greatest bowlers in the world. He is one of the few bowlers to have taken 10 wickets in a single game and he has achieved the feat on 10 occasions.

MS Dhoni

Dhoni may not have retired from his playing days yet, but he has put himself on this list by virtue of being one of the greatest captains ever to grace the game. The wicket-keeper from Jharkhand has been able to get just over 14,000 runs, but his test average is not great at just 38. However, he is exceptional when it comes to the captaincy and it was not a huge surprise that he left the national team to a World Cup success in different forms of the game.

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