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The Youth and Students for Peace commemorate Youth Day

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The Youth and Students for Peace, in collaboration with UPF Ghana held an event to commemorate the Youth Day with: young entrepreneurs, leaders of the civil society; student-presidents of universities and heads of the Disabled Associations of Ghana. Deliberations were focused on the idea of setting up an organizing committee that will coordinate the Guns-Down Africa 2020 Peace Campaign and the Peace Award Night that is said to be part of the activities that should mark the 2018 International day of Peace in Ghana. It was mandatory that the organizers make clear to the new stakeholders, what the Guns-Down campaign initiative wants to achieve and the benefit partners would generate from the venture.
Stakeholders deliberate on how to coordinate the Guns-Down Africa 2020 Peace Campaign
The program was divided into two parts -The commemoration of the Youth Day, and the Guns-Down Africa 2020 Peace Campaign preliminary Meeting. Ms. Isis Christelle Gohi, the 1st vice president of Youth and Student for Peace, read out the UN’s theme for the International Day of the Youth for 2018. The message emphasized the need to “Safe Spaces for the Youth,” where they can “come together, engage in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express themselves.”
The Smart-Peace Commissioner Award that encourages and commissions youths to utilize the smartphone positively to propagate the culture of peace in Ghana was commissioned to Lucas Hefonou, a young entrepreneur who runs several international-standard restaurants in Ghana. Mr. Lucas was commended for his entrepreneurial skills and commissioned to connect youths to the YSP initiative on guns-down and peace in Africa.
Mr. Lucas Hefono receiving the Smart-Peace Commissioner award
Dr. Mrs. Helen Osei, the Secretary General of UPF-Ghana, summarized the goal of the universal peace Federation and made a short presentation on the award categories that would be presented during the Award Night.
Tegha King, the president of YSP Ghana, outlined the motivation, the purpose and the possible impacts that Guns-Down Africa 2020 Peace Campaign may have in Ghana in particular, and Africa in General. He said that, “Like no other country, Ghana has the responsibility to bring about the unity and prosperity of Africa due to the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah.” He mentioned that, “this cannot be done when nations or tribes, or people of different creeds, languages or races fight among themselves on the continent.” Rev. Tegha said that, Peace is absolutely necessary to fulfill the dream of a united prosperous African continent. He held that, even those who are not pointing physical guns at others – a typical case being Ghana – where there have been no wars for a long time, there are spiritual and psychological warfare that goes on within the minds of people against other people. “Thus, Guns-Down does not only stand for physical guns but generally, the war that is found in each and individual,” Rev. King reiterated.
Tegha King, president of YSP Ghana
Brilliant Inputs were made by various stakeholders and it was concluded that the meeting be continued via the WhatsApp forum since there where many interesting and important ideas that skate holders were bringing onboard.
Source: Elizabeth Mensah/Hypercitigh/Pentecost University
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