HomenewsThe untold story, THE BIRTHDAY: EPISODE II

The untold story, THE BIRTHDAY: EPISODE II

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Fragoes Multimedia Presents THE BIRTHDAY
A Story Written By Francis Godwill Eshun (Fragoes)

(RECAP Of Episode 1)
A policewoman known as Sheba has a blind boyfriend called Galax.
For some unknown reasons, Sheba’s Dad(Mr. Ntrim) had no love for his son in-law to be, Galax.
Sheba had long dream one day when she overslept at work. Her lawyer friend, Celine woke her up from the deep sleep.

Latter Part Of Episode One

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“Whats going on Galax, how did you come here as you are blind, you are always assisted to sit in the visiting room.
Galax replied :” Make you no worry dear, everything will be made clear at the birthday party.
Sheba upon hearing this, wondered as she remembered this statement in her dreams.
She wondered, could Galax be the strange voice in my dream – She cogitated
But Galax added-
Assist me and let go out, someone is waiting for you out there.

What ??? Youuu??
Sheba exclaimed upon seeing outside.

Continuation(EPISODE 2 STARTS)
Sheba whats wrong- asked Galax.
Sheba: Can’t you see Maya my twin Sis.
Galax : yh buh whats wrong??
(Maya is Sheba’s sissy who is believed to be dead long ago)
Maya : Whats wrong sissy, are you not happy seeing me again. At least I have come and I have come for good, ukr.
Galax : yh of course you have come for good indeed. For revelation and for rewards.
Sheba: You guys what do you mean by all these and you Maya you are dead already ?. You are an evil that why Dad asked me to stay away from you when we were kids.
Maya(crying): Yes and you never stayed away from me so someone has to make me stay away rather and he has to create a story to you all that I’m dead.
Sheba: And why should that person make you stay away. What did you do and what did he do to you. You suddenly got missing.
Welcome home Maya- Sheba said.
Maya : Thanks sissy.
Do you know I was asked to stay away and go somewhere far just because you Sheba will hurt me. I was told you are an evil and I believed them but I managed to come home when I heard Galax got blind. Forgive me Sheba for believing them.
Galax: ?? Oh God
Sheba: You were told ermm…I’m an evil so you left and you believed them. Who are the them?
Knocks(agoooo agoooo)
Maya: hello come in.
Oh Samuel how you doing. Long time?
Samuel: Really am I seeing whom I’m seeing?.
(Samuel gave a deep hug to Maya for it a long time they saw each other)
Welcome home Maya, its been a long time ever since we were made to believe that you are dead and Happy advanced birthday too Maya – Samuel added. 
Sheba: you guys just remembered me, I had a long dream and it was Samuel’s birthday in advance.
Samuel 😕 I had my birthday not long ago, how can I possibly celebrate again. You might be confused Sheba.
( So actually it was Maya whose birthday was approaching and not Samuel as Sheba saw in dreams. Sheba came to her senses that it was Maya’s birthday. Samuel’s own was just a dream.)
How come my dad was escorting Samuel to buy birthday stuff in my dream – Sheba meditated. Hmmmmm
3y3 as3m- She added.
(All went to sleep)
Next morning
Maya cried in low tone as she saw Sheba making romance to the blind Galax.
They all bathed and left for boutique to shop for the advanced birthday girl, Maya…
As Sheba and her small family were having some fun at Galax’s home despite their problems, a cry was heard from afar. It was Efya the girlfriend of Samuel.
Efya: guys guys guys
Hm hm hm hm- panting seriously.
Sheba: What’s wrong
Efya: Maya! Sheba! Sheba someone is after me?.
Maya: Whats wrong. Who is after you at this time of the day.
Efya: “Samuel, my fiance asked me to stay behind for he is going to Celine’s(the lawyer) house to talk to her about someone who wants to take his land that his father left for him, as I was just there I heard his phone ringing. It rung so many times so I picked and what I heard was ” Where are you.”
I replied that he is not around and the caller started warning me
“How many times do you want to be told to leave him alone. Let him be or you loose your life”
This is not the first time of hearing that from same unfamiliar caller tho but this time round immediately the call ended, I saw two strange men in mask coming towards my hall with guns.
Urhm errm I saw them first before they did and so I was able to escape ?hm hm hm hm hm hm”- Efya explained as panting vigorously.
Maya: Who could the caller be and the two men too. Ah why?
Galax : The caller is either one of the two mask men or he sent them.
And all this might probably have something to do with your stay with Samuel.
Efya: What do you mean?? The one who called me is a man not a woman for me to probably say it Samuel’s other girl. I’m kinda confused.
Galax: What if it Samuel’s other boy?
(Sheba whispered into Galax ears and Galax quitted from what he was about saying in addition to the above)
Sheba: errrm… Efya it’s OK. You can sleep here. We will talk more moro. But whatever going on will be made seen on a very dark day.
“Make you no worry dear, everything will be made clear at the birthday party”– She quoted from her dream.
Maya (looking amazed): What birthday party and why the party that things will be made clear
I taught Samuel’s birthday party but now in reality yours. But I believe it everybody’s redemption hour. Every truth will be made clear to be the cynosure of all eyes at the appropriate time– Sheba Explained.
(All slept)
Next Day
Efya left for her boyfriend’s house and still saw no one.
Sheba on her way to the Police Station (work) met Samuel and Mr. Ntrim( Sheba’s Dad). Sheba got perplexed and greeted in low tone.
” good morning Dad, good morning Samuel.?
Sheba’s Dad : errrm good morning. Samuel saw me by the road side and told me he got robbed yesterday and he can’t find his girl Efya so he pleaded with me to help him so my dear I’m helping him to look for Efya.
Sheba’s Dad: or Samuel???
Samuel: errm uhm yh I’m really desperate now.
Sheba: OK, Well I never asked any of you where you are heading towards. I only greeted ? buh then Efya was at my house yesterday.
Go find her. She will talk to you – Added Sheba.
(Both parties separated).
Those At Sheba’s Home
Good morning Galax. Sheba just left for work– Maya greeted.
Galax : Oh OK, get us something to eat for the morning then.
Maya: I need something to feed my soul not to feed my belly
Galax : Oh OK cool so you can check under my pillow there is a Bible there. Use it to feed your soul.
Maya : hahaha ?, you know what I mean.
Maya: You and I know something that others do not know. Behave like your age.
Galax: Yeah I know but be informed now that I also know something that even you have no idea of.
Maya: really ? whatever
(Maya went to her room and returned to Galax’s room half naked, he pushed Galax on the bed)
Galax : Maya not now please.
Maya: Kiss me tight. I can’t wait
Knocks (kokooko kokooko kokooko, door opens)………………
Anticipate…dropping soon
Reach US on 0501657851
Source: Fragoes Multimedia

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