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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The thrust of politics vis-a-vis the deeping economic and social woes, Enock Amoako opines

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I become very sad anytime I see most Ghanaians arguing and supporting or defending their political party.
Some are even ready to sacrifice their life for these political parties who don’t think about these people who support them wholeheartedly. It is high time Ghanaians have a change of mind and stop supporting these political parties.
These political parties don’t have anything better to offer the citizens. Our leaders don’t think about the welfare of the people. They only deceived the people and promise them many things they (politicians) know they won’t be able to honour. What they do is termed as politicking(political activity by someone who is only interested in doings for their own advantage, not in helping other people).
Our leaders are only playing politics(using politics for their own reasons, without caring about the effects on other people). The ordinary Ghanaian would work tirelessly and pay his tax only for government officials to squander the money. It is rather unfortunate there’s high illiteracy rate in our country and these political leaders capitalise on that and tell them “a white lie”. During election time these political parties go the extra mile to throw dust into the eyes of the electorate just to win political power. Thousand and one promises will be made and the people who are not intellect enough massively vote for them.
The relatively mass number of illiterate in the country make these politicians deceive them and indirectly kill their future.
Have any Ghanaian thought about this? How many of the ministers children are schooling in this country? How many of their children are passing through ” the free senior high school?” Actually I’m not quite sure if there’s any minister or top government official whose child or children is/are passing through the free senior high school. So I’m not surprised they make bad decisions that affect the majority of the people in the country, since they (politicians) are not affected. If our leaders think the free senior high school is good why is it that their children are not schooling in Ghana.
They embezzle the state’s money and then educate their children at overseas countries. Their children will one day come to Ghana and follow their parents’ footsteps by ruling us again.
This explains why the gap between the rich and poor widens always. I’m not saying the free senior high school isn’t good but how it is operated. Quality education should be our priority and not its quantity. I don’t support any political party so I feel free to voice my feelings. This double track system will destroy our educational system.
The nation cannot produce qualified and intellectual leaders in the future. Students in senior high school benefiting from free senior high school under double track system are not taught by teachers since it is seen as free.
The number of days spent in school is another thing that saddens my heart. 41 days per semester or term and you expect teachers to complete the syllabus? Absolutely NO. The number of years the students will spend is less than two years and most Ghanaians are happy about it because of political affiliation. I’ll rather choose to pay school fees for quality education than choose free senior high school which is aim at making students fail woefully.
Even students who paid school fees failed how much more free senior high school.
Now things have been increased just to care for the free senior high school. In other words it is the people of Ghana who are taking care of the students under the free senior high school. Our taxes are been used and things have been increased making life unbearable and difficult for Ghanaians. Business are been collapsed, banks have collapsed and tertiary institutions are to be emerged. Wow this sounds totally absurd.
Our leaders don’t invest or save in this country but overseas countries, they educate their children at overseas countries, buy buildings at overseas countries, go for holidays at overseas countries with their wives and children and go for hospital check up at overseas countries. But ironically when they die, they are buried in Ghana, making Ghana serves as a cemetery and nothing good can be at cemeteries.
Upon all our mineral resources we are still suffering and always going for loans from IMF. After independence we are still linked with our colonial masters, so to me Ghana is still under slave. This is the time Ghanaians become enlightened and get to know that our so called leaders have nothing good to offer this country so there’s no need wasting their time during elections. All politicians are the same, they only deceive and lie to the people just to gain political power.
They only loot our money and spend it lavishly with their wives, children and girlfriends. Economic buoyancy is when there is high rate of employment and low rate of unemployment. Economic development is when there is improvement in the standard living of people in the country.
Development of a country is when the people are happy and everyone is working and not where graduates are in the house because there’s no job in the country. Now trainee teachers have not been posted and they are to write licensure exams. Trained nurses are in the house waiting to be posted. There’s wrong placement of human resources and no wonder Ghana can’t develop. This is the time for Ghanaians to “shine their eyes”.
These politicians have nothing to offer us. The ordinary Ghanaian man who can’t afford a three daily meal still supports these greedy politicians. Some even shed their blood because of these selfish politicians. Ghanaians should wake up from their slumbering. I’m really sad as I write to my fellow Ghanaians.
Our leaders have totally disappointed us and also killing our future. The youth of this country need to do something before the issues get out of hands. I rest my case here but expect the part two of this letter.

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