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The image of HESA At Stake; EC Must tread cautiously -HESA Concerned Students Association

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A group of students at the College of Health Sciences calling itself Concerned Students Association has advised the college’s Electoral Commissioner to tread carefully while carrying out his duties and obligations during this year’s electoral session.

The Health Sciences Students Association (HESA) had its screening of aspirants for the various offices on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The process was chaired by Master Percy Nyanteh, a 5th year student from the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The panel comprised of notable figures such as the SRC women’s commissioner – Ms. Rabiatu Siaka, Former HESA Vice President – Master Selorm, the current HESA senate speaker and the President for Ghana Vertinary Medicine Students Association – KNUST (GVMSA).

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Between the hours of 11:50pm to 12:00 midnight, the panel was ready for the presidential candidates and it was suggested that they have a double vetting – where both aspiring teams for Presidency would be vetted together. After further deliberations and the interventions of some people, things were set right for the vetting of the Presidential candidates to commence.

One Aspirant, popularly known as Proff. Mega admitted openly that he had forged signatures and contacts of persons that endorsed him. He added that his reason was lack of time and delegation of such important activity to someone else.

Master Selorm addressed the house and he informed us of the limited powers the panel has as to disqualify the candidate even though he believes forgery is an unpardonable deed, but then, the Electoral Commissioner for the association is charged to do that legally.
It’s been days and we still haven’t seen a criminal offense being punished. Is it the case that the EC is doing his biddings for Kwame Adu – “Proff Mega”?

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As we await the decision of Emmanuel Karikari, whom we all know as Karibrain – the Electoral Commissioner for HESA; the questions I keep thinking of are “Would he uphold his integrity and that of the office of the Electoral Commissioner?”, “Would he be able to make this tough call amidst the fact that Kwame Adu “Proff Mega” is a member of his class, Year 4 – KSMD?”, “Would Kwame Adu “Proff Mega” be honorable enough to bow out of the race and keep his image as this is one that speaks a lot about the candidate and his future, should he be elected as President for the association – HESA?”.

My ears are itchy, my eyes are wide open and my mind keeps engaging itself on the possible thoughts of justice. Things must be done right, integrity is key and in all, our image as an association should not be tainted because of this deed. A young college students association with discerning minds, producing Ghana’s health officials to our health sector with some of the fine brains in the country, with one of the most dreamed programme options to be read in KNUST.

No level of consensus between the stakeholders can make this wrong right. The EC must outrightly make a decision just as it was done in the general elections. We witnessed disqualification of Aspirants during the 2020 general elections. The constitution of Ghana is sovereign and HESA is not a different case. Forgery is a criminal act and must not be condoned anywhere!

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It’s very surprising the EC issued a communique alleging that happenings during the vetting are false!
Are we saying all observers of the public screening are not sound? Or it’s the case of the college training health professionals who will deny their wrong prescriptions took the life of a patient?

We will stand for that which is right and in the end, we shall stand for our beloved association.
The Electoral Commissioner has a huge decision to make and he should put the association, his integrity and justice ahead of any other relationship; if not, there would be a need to call on the Dean of Students and other Law firms, even outside the school for the right thing to be done.

God bless KNUST, God bless HESA.

HESA Concerned Students Association

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