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Stop Asking “Are You Online?”. It’s Wrong. Say This Instead

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Speakers of English language many times make errors in their speech or writing by misusing the tense.

Tense is simply the change that takes place in the verb to show the time of an action and premised on this definition we have two major tenses in English namely Present tense and Past tense.

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Other kinds of tense are:

1. The simple present tense

2. The present continuous tense

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3. Present perfect tense

Common errors you make in the use of tense in your speech.

Wrong: I have ran the race

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Correct: I have run the race

Wrong: I have drank the water

Correct: I have drunk the water

Wrong: The little boy has broke his ankle

Correct: The little boy has broken his ankle

Wrong: I have get what I wanted.

Correct; I have got what I wanted

Wrong: I have worked in this company since two years.

Correct: I have worked in this company for two years.

Wrong: Are you online?

Correct: Are you on the phone?

Wrong: we saw Jane in the Television/screen

Correct: We saw Jane on the television/screen.

Wrong: I heard it over/in (the) radio.

Correct: I heard it on (the) radio or I heard it over the air.

Wrong: There is no credit in my phone.

Correct : There is no credit on my phone

Wrong: The manuscript is in the computer.

Correct: The manuscript is on the computer

Wrong: Speak on the microphone

CORRECT: Speak into the microphone.

WRONG: He is working under the rain/sun.

CORRECT: He is working in the rain/sun

WRONG: I born my last child in 2005

CORRECT: I had my last child in 2005

WRONG: There are a lot of tall storey buildings at Lagos.

CORRECT: There are a lot of tall storey buildings in Lagos

WRONG: I will be in Uzuakoli tomorrow.

CORRECT; I will be at Uzuakoli tomorrow.

(Use “in” for big cities and “at” for small cities).

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