HomenewsSteps To Follow to Book Hostel Accommodation at KNUST Obuasi Campus

Steps To Follow to Book Hostel Accommodation at KNUST Obuasi Campus

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1.  Get your admission letter with your reference number and programme of study.

2.  Visit https://obuasicampus.knust.edu.gh/hostels to view videos of all the available hostels; make your choice and note the rent charges for the hostels of your choice.  

3. Check the Table for the rent charges.

  Hostel Name & CategoryLocation & distance from campusRent charge GH ₡
1APIS CATH. Koffekrom, 3.5km2440.00  (U)
2ARCH. BISHOP MENSAH HOSTELGausu Ext., 4.2km2440.00  (U)
3JABORAToytown, located on campus2270.00  (U)
4LEMEZNew Biakoyeden6.6 km2260.00
5LEMEZ – RIDGERidge, 4.1km2440.00  (U)
6PRIME CHOICENew Biakoyeden5.9 km2270.00 (U)
7MICKEYNew Abompe, 4.8km2440.00  (U)
8MAGYEIUSNew Biakoyeden6.2 km2090.00
9KADAKONyameso, 5.5km2270.00 (U)
10OPPONGKwame Duakrom, 4.8km2440.00 (U)
11NYARKOTutuka, 1.8km2440.00 (U)
12HDAANhyiaeso, 6.6 km2440.00 (U)
13PIRAYVONNew Nyamebekyere, 3.1km2440.00 (U)
14HOUSE OF GOLDAkaporiso, 6.1km2440.00 (U)
15ANANSEKROMNyameso, 3.9km2440.00 (U)
16DELUXY ANNEXLen Clay1920.00
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Note:  Rent charges with the symbol “(U)’ attached implies the rent includes the utility charges for the year.

4. Go to the bank and make payment for your hostel into the following account.

  • Bank Name: GCB Bank
  • Account Number: 6111010086308.
  • Account Branch: Obuasi.

5. Once payment has been made, visit https://obuasicampus.knust.edu.gh/booking to make a reservation and complete your booking.

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6. After the booking has been completed, take a picture of your bank receipt and send it together with the following text to the WhatsApp number 0204831811

  • Student’s Name:                          
  • Gender
  • Student’s Reference Number:
  • Hostel of Choice:
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