HomenewsSex sells faster than coke (Written By: Poet Dela)

Sex sells faster than coke (Written By: Poet Dela)

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Sex sells faster than coke (Written By: Poet Dela)-Hyperpoems
What do you call happiness
Is it that feeling you get
When she gently uses her
tongue to tickle your Libido
Is it when he also uses
his tongue to lick and tickle
that little piece of flesh on top
of your Cunt?
Which do you prefer
Is it the satisfaction you get
When you consume a chilled
bottle of coke for lunch
It’s that amazing feeling
you experience when
the little bubbles which
are found in coke
runs down your throat
But wait!
Do we think of what
will happen BEFORE
a date?
Or AFTER a date?
Do we really care
about the price of
a plate of rice at kempinski
or we get more concerned
about incurring the cost of
diapers for Life
These days
What really makes the headlines
Is it the increase and decrease
In the price of coke?
The sextape which involves
not only our favorite celebrities,
but Ordinary well endowed citizens
As well.
What do you think runs
through a guys head
When a girl or his crush
decides to pay him a visit
Is it how to rush to the
nearest Mart to purchase
a bottle of chilled coke
Is it how to rush to the
nearest pharmacy to purchase
a condom for protection
incase knacking takes place
But can the health benefits
derived from having good
consensual sex in the morning
be compared to the nutritional value
found in coke, if there is any
Most marriages
Don’t collapse because
of the unavailability of
the head to provide for the family
But the fact that
the lack of knacking
Is being experienced
like a drought
Even though coke
has alot of uses
One innovative way
women make good use of it
is using the bottle to satisfy their
sexual urges when there is the
unavailability of a cock
The taste of coke will always
remain the same
But the pleasure
derived from sex will always
take a different form
be it anal or casual
Indeed the idea of sex
sells faster than coke.
Poetic Yesu.
Source: Poetic Dela
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