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SDD-UBIDS Masters programmes

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Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS)Environment and Resource ManagementMPhil2 years
Development StudiesMPhil2 years
Development CommunicationMPhil2 years
School of Social Science and ArtsRemote Sensing and Geographic Information SystemsMSc2-Year
Social AdministrationMPhil2-Year
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information SystemsMPhil2-Year
Development EconomicsMPhil2-Year
Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM)Project Management and Community DevelopmentMPhil2-Year
Monitoring and EvaluationMPhil2-Year
MPhil Strategic Planning and ManagementMPhil2-Year
Faculty of Public Policy and GovernanceDevelopment ManagementMPhil2-Year
Social Policy and Service ManagementMPhil2-Year
School of BusinessHuman Resource ManagementMPhil2-Year
Marketing and StrategyMPhil2-Year
School of Education and Life-Long LearningBusiness Education (Accounting /Management Option)MPhil2-Year
Social Science Education (Geography/ Economics/ History and Political Science Option)MPhil2-Year
Business Education (Accounting /Management Option)M.Ed.2-Year
Social Science Education (Geography/ Economics/ / History/ Political Science option)M.Ed.2-Year
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