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Salary Structure, Ranks and Job Description of Ghana Immigration Service Vrs Ghana Armed Forces

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The issue of Salary is among the first thing that most people look at before accepting or rejecting a job offer. In Ghana, employees salaries are paid based on their ranks, and how long the person has served in that institution. An employee working at one institution can take home twice of the other employee of another institution.

Many are those seeking to know between the Ghana Armed Forces (Millitary) and Ghana immigration Service (Costum officers) who takes home much salary in Ghana? This question seems ambiguious since salaries are paid to employees based on their ranks in the organization they may found themselves.

In this article, we are going to look at the Salary Structure, Ranks and Job Description of Ghana Immigration Service Vrs Ghana Armed Forces.

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The Ghana army is divided into three commands; the Northern command, located in Tamale, the central command in Kumasi and southern command in Accra.

The armed forces has different ranks. The higher the rank, the more the responsibilities and vice versa. Each individual has a responsibility to serve in the nation. Below are the Ghana Armed forces ranks structure from Lowest to Highest.

Ghana Army Ranks for Officers

  • Second lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier general
  • Major general
  • Lieutenant general
  • General

Enlisted Officer include;

  • Private
  • Lance-corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff sergeant
  • Warrant officer class 1
  • Warrant officer class 2
  • Chief warrant officer

Some Description of Armed Forces job

  • Participating in domestic and overseas military operations.
  • Completing orders from superiors.
  • Responsibility for entrusted military accoutrement and weaponry.
  • Maintenance of entrusted military accoutrement and weaponry.
  • Driving motor vehicles and operating military equipment.
  • Helping civilians in case of contingency (floods etc.).
  • etc.

Salary structure For Ghana Armed Forces

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The salary for the Ghana armed forces is not publicly known, but based on consultation and other information gathered from some stakeholders, the salary  the least paid worker in the Ghana armed forces takes not less than Ghs 1450.00 excluding other bonuses and allowances.

Ghana immigration service (Custom Service)

The Customs and border inspectors check persons and vehicles crossing national borders to administer, enforce relevant government rules and regulations. See below the Ghana immigration service rank, job descriprion and salary structure.

Ghana Immigration Service Ranks

  • Comptroller – General of Imigration
  • Deputy Comptroller – General of Imigration
  • Commissioner of immigration
  • Depty Commissioner of immigration
  • Assistant Commissioner of immigration
  • Chief Suprintendent of Immigration
  • Deputy Suprintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Suprintendent of Immigration
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Inpector
  • Immigration Control Officer
  • Assistant Immigration Control Officer I
  • Assistant Immigration Control Officer II

Some Description of a custom officers job

  •  Guarding the state border to prevent the illegal entry of persons and goods without a valid residence permit for the Slovak Republic.
  • Checking the personal identification documents of persons entering/leaving the country.
  • Asking persons entering the state territory questions.
  • Comparing goods declared in the customs declaration with the actual state.
  • Conducting random and targeted personal examinations and examinations of luggage, hand luggage, vehicles, etc.
  • Confiscating illegal and non-officially declared goods to the Exchequer.
  • Supervising the disposal of illegal goods under the temporary management of the state.

Salary Structure of Custom officers

The Salary for the majority of workers in Customs and border inspectors in Ghnana are not specified, but some says the salary may be of range GH₵627.43 to GH₵4,582.15 per month excluding other bonuses and allowances given to the workers.

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NB: Please note that, the above salary ranges for Ghana Armed forces and Custom officers in Ghana are just a prediction based of some information gathered. The salary for the workers of these two institution may be more or higher.

Credit: golearnershub.com

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