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Restore your relationship with 10 tips on HOW to make your GIRLFRIEND Feel like a PRINCESS

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10 Tips For Guys On How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Like A Princess

Want to treat your girl like the special person she is? In this article, we take a look at 10 tips for guys on how to make your girlfriend feel like a princess, you could restore the confidence she has in you, just no time after replicating these..

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Your girlfriend is special to you and you love her. As you know, however, showing her how much she means to you and treating her like a princess isn’t always easy. Trying is important. All girls want to be reminded that their man loves them. They want to be shown how beautiful they are in the eyes of their man. Indeed, for girls, there is no better feeling than when our Prince Charming treats us like his very own Princess! Problem is … what does Princesses get treated like!? Let’s take a look at 10 tips for guys on how to make your girlfriend happy and make her feel like the princess she is.

Be Random With Your Compliments

Are you the kind of guy always waits for her to compliment you before you compliment her? Your girlfriend: “You’re so handsome and I can’t believe you’re mine.” You: “You’re gorgeous and I can’t believe you’re mine.” That’s all well and good. But girls love it when you make the first move with a compliment because we’re more sure that it’s come from your heart and that you genuinely mean it. Don’t wait until she’s showing you her new dress, either. Don’t wait for her to say something smart or witty. Surprise her with a compliment when she least expects it. Perhaps you could tell her how beautiful she is while the two of you are falling asleep in front of the television, for example.

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Put Yourself In Her Shoes

How many times has she come to you, upset and looking for advice? And how many times have you failed to understand where she’s coming from? Admittedly, it can sometimes be hard for a guy to see things from a girls point of view, especially when he thinks she just needs to “man up” and get on with things. But your girl isn’t crying for attention. She genuinely just wants you to understand her. From now on, have some empathy. Put an arm around her, talk to her in the tone of voice she’s talking to you in. Don’t get excited, and don’t even try to give her advice. Just listen to her, be present, let her talk, and see things from her point of view.

Put Her First

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Guys, we know you like your weekends. We know most of you look forward to sports, beers and seeing your buddies. But the easiest way to make her feel like a pauper? Put her last at the weekend. Make plans with your buddies first, and give her an hour or two of your Saturday. Not cool.

If you want to make her feel like a princess, you have to treat her like one – and this means putting her first, especially at the weekend. Ask her what her plans are. What does she want to do this weekend with you? Hey, maybe she’ll be busy. But whatever you do, make sure she knows she’s your priority most of the time. Guys, you’re allowed to see your friends. But your girl needs to know that she’s number one.

Do Things For Her

Wanna treat her like a princess? Then be her hero! This is really simple. If she needs help with something, be the man who’s gonna help her. She needs a lightbulb changing? Come to her rescue! Changing lightbulbs might not sound like something out of a fairytale, but it’ll turn you into her prince.

Be A Man

To be her prince, you need to be a man. Be the guy who protects her, who makes her feel safe, who is loyal, who works hard, and who treats her with respect. That’s what a prince does for his princess.

Pay Her Attention

Hey, she knows that sometimes you won’t always be able to see her. Life gets in the way. It suck, but we deal with it. As such, what’s more important than how often you see her is that you pay her plenty of attention when you do see her. Put your phone away and give her your undivided attention. Shower her with compliments, kiss her, hug her – don’t take your eyes off her. Let her know you’re here for her and her only.

Make An Effort To See Her

Girls get really disheartened when we think our man isn’t putting in any kind of reasonable effort to see her. We don’t care that the traffic is bad and so it’s not worth your time coming over. We don’t care that you’ve gotta work a bit later and so can’t see us tonight. MAKE THE EFFORT. You have time. Go the extra yard. Do all that you can to see her. That’s how you treat her like a princess.

Buy Her Things

No, girls are not that materialistic. But we live in the real world and we like nice things. When we have a man who isn’t generous with his money and doesn’t buy us anything? It gives us the impression that he doesn’t care. A real prince would treat his woman well, lavishing her with gifts that make her feel special, loved and wanted.

Take Her Out

She won’t feel like much of a princess if she’s stuck at home all the time, cooking dinner, watching Netflix and doing the washing. So take her out more! Book a table at an expensive restaurant, spend a night in a hotel, go on a spontaneous road trip. Make her life unpredictable and exciting. Not got the money? Take her out for moonlit strolls with coconut lattes. Use your imagination.

Be Dependable

Lastly, just be dependable. Again, it might not sound like something out of a romance novel o a fairytale, but for a girl to feel like a princess, she has to be able to depend on you. Be the guy who is always there for her. She want to call you at 2am? You’re there. You’re always on time, and you always show up.

Stay happy!

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